How Fast Does A 2000W Electric Bike Go?

Electric bikes are excellent means of regular commuting that replace public transportation. Besides, they reduce the use of gasoline-based oil and fossil fuels that badly impact our environment and global weather. You’ll also appreciate their high-speed riding experience.

However, you can have different types of e-bikes depending on their design, form factor, needs, or powerful motor-battery power. They usually come with 250, 500, 750, 1000, 1500, 2000, etc. power wattage.

Today, We’ll know how fast does a 2000w electric bike go in different scenarios. So, let’s move on to the explanation right now–

How Fast Does A 2000w Electric Bike Go?

Generally, a 2000-watt eclectic bike goes on average 40 to 43 mph (65 to 70 km/h) on flat terrain. The amount of power it produces is around 2.6 horsepower for this impressive fast-moving velocity. You’ve different types depending on their power, needs, and roads.

How Fast Does A 2000W Electric Bike Go

Therefore, the higher the wattage is the higher power can produce to the motor and battery. Besides, it also impacts the charge, battery capacity, and torque power to climb up and runs faster. Obviously, unlike the 250w, 500w, 750w, and speed of 1000 watt ebike varieties. A 2000w one brings a thrill in your life for a long ride.

If you need more power and speed then go for relatively better options like 2000-watt electric bicycles. But, you may find some restrictions depending on your state’s transport authority. Although, it’s a common thing to obey the rules and regulations set by the bodies. However, we provided a speed comparison among the available watts in electric bikes(battery and motor).

The information on the speeds is recorded on flat ground like regular paved roads. It may vary from terrain to terrain. Here you go –

Wattage power Maximum speed(avg.)
250 watt motor 15-17 mp/h(miles per hour)
500 watts 20 mp/h
750 watts 20-23 mp/h
1000 watts 28-34 mp/h
1500 watts 35-38(+/-) mp/h
2000 watts 40-44 mp/h

Well, they don’t always produce the extract speed as described in the table data. As we said earlier, the actual top speed may vary depending on the multiple factors that influence your motor and/or battery performance. We’ll discuss them as well–

  1.  The pedal-assistant level you use
  2. The amount of load on the bike
  3. Riding style of a biker
  4. The current condition of the battery you’re using
  5. It also depends on the condition of the tires, sometimes
  6. Types of terrain you’re riding on
  7. The environment or weather conditions, and so on.

Do You Need a 2000-watt Electric Bike?

You can get a 2000-watt ebike to reduce transportation costs and increase the regular commuting medium. In general, people who want to roam around the city and countryside should have once with an eco-friendly environment.  Because there is no use for carbon emission.

People can want to commute across from one corner to another corner city can also go for a 2000 watts e-bike. For example, office, campus, city tour, etc. The crucial thing is speed and faster communication from one place to another in a short time.

Of course, they’ll be another choice for riding on rough terrains— like sandy, or jungle, off-roads, and other outdoor adventure locations. Not just the speed, but they also allow you to cover long-distance coverage. No matter how many traffic jams are on the road.

Riding bikes is excellent physician exercise when you operate them in pedal(human) or pedal-assist mode. Therefore, if you want to use the means of exercise and sport then they’re designed for you without a doubt.

Drawbacks of Riding a 2000 Watt Electric Bike?

They have some drawbacks too besides their tons of benefits, for example– you can hardly handle a bike if you’re not an expert, sometimes. Besides, they can be dangerous to ride when you’re at high speed. In that case, you may harm the pedestrians or other bikers in the street. Most importantly, there are huge chances of getting serious injuries over conventional bikes.

Apart from all these downsides, they’re a great transportation medium, including efficient, easy to ride, and environmental safety. An electric bike can make your journey easier, faster, and more comfortable in a short duration. All you need to be careful in some cases.

How To Keep Always a 2000w Electric Bike Faster?

There are several factors that impact your overall riding performance. You can keep them faster with proper and regular basis maintenance. Here, we discussed only the battery and tires as the most important element.

How To Keep Always a 2000w Electric Bike Faster

Battery Service

The first thing you should do is stay charged up for supplying voltage therein. Since the speed of a DC motor depends only on the battery voltage power so the higher the voltage the higher speed. It will also let you travel faster to reach a destination. Remember one thing, don’t forget to unplug the charger after the battery is charged fully.

Otherwise, it might impact the battery lifespan. You can also upgrade a battery, from 36 volts to 48 volts to increase speed. But before that make sure the controller can handle this much battery power. In that case, you check their voltage rating set by the manufacturer.

Always try to keep the battery cool in case of heat generation under load. It results in the motor can’t run fast because of the lower voltage. Therefore, keep an eye on whether the batter is cool enough when in operation.

Tire Matters

You also have to be very careful while choosing the tire.  Smoother and knobby tires are great for climbing almost any terrain, including mountain areas. They also provide you with a great grip and traction to withstand rough bumps and shock.

Secondly, pump up tires properly so they can withstand the pressie by reducing rolling resistance. Besides, always maintain accurate air pressure while filling from outside. Otherwise, you might puncture them in the middle of your journey and nothing is more painful than this situation. Of course, when you rarely carry an extra tire with you.

Last Word

So that’s all about how fast does a 2000w electric bike go and how different things may impact your performance. Despite of few drawbacks, they’re definitely worth purchasing for regular and casual riding. If you maintain them properly they would last for years, including the motor, battery, tires, etc. Take special care of battery and tire for now because they tend to damage soon after a few months, sometimes.