How Do You Bypass the Speed Limiter on An Ebike?

How do you bypass the speed limiter on my electric bike when you’re riding at 15 to 20 mph only and want to go faster? Electric bikes are becoming a more common mode of transportation around the world.

They offer a convenient way to get from point A to B without having to pedal or burn fossil fuels. However, the problem is that they only travel at speeds between 8mph and 20mph. If you want to ride faster, you’ll need to upgrade to a higher-power model.

In this article, we’ll explain the A to Z of how you can remove the limiter  YOURSELF. Besides, we’ll also share other essential factors you shuls consider before you get started. Hang with us–

What Is A Speed Limiter On An E-bike?

A speed limiter is a device that is installed on electric bikes in order to keep them from going faster than the set speed limit. This is done in order to ensure that the bikes are compliant with the law in whatever area they are ridden.

What Is A Speed Limiter On An E-bike

The speed limiter can be set to different speeds depending on the region, but it is typically around 20mph in the United States and 15mph in Europe.

Electric bikes are getting more trendy and faster than before, but the American government has only legalized those that don’t go over 20 mph. The engine shuts off automatically once the speed limit is reached.

However, you’re free to go as fast as you want on your own property, during mountain and off-road driving. But when you’re using public roads, you need to obey the speed limit strictly.

Factors to Consider Before You Start the Process

You can try to remove the speed limiter yourself. The process is not difficult, but it can be a little tricky. First, locate the speed limiter and disconnect it from the bike’s circuit board.

Next, find a way to short out the circuit so that the bike will go faster than the limiter allows. Finally, reattach the speed limiter and test your work by riding the bike.

The maximum speed limit for electric bikes in America is 20 mph. Electric bike manufacturers have installed this limiter as per the law, making them legal and abiding by local regulations.

Therefore, before you move on to the process you should know a few factors:

  1. It is illegal to drive over the speed limit set by the government on public roads. So, there is a speed restriction issue.
  2. Any damage done to it after that voids the warranty set in place by the manufacturer.
  3. Riding this bike will be prohibited on government property after you proceed. You’ll be in the area of speed limitations.
  4. After bypassing the limiter from your bike, it will use more electricity and run through the battery charge faster. Which had no cost to you as compared to the actual speed and electrical power.
  5. The motor and battery may create a louder sound as compared to previous ones.
  6. Excessive or higher speed is hardly secure for you, co-riders, and pedestrians. And so on.

The ultimate result of overriding this system may suffer you in many ways, so think well before you move on. Once you do it, you might face several complications thought its lifespan.

How Do You Bypass The Speed Limiter On An Ebike?

Want to ride your electric bike at higher speeds? There are three methods for removing the bypass limiter. You can use a hand method, disconnect sensor wiring, or get special e-bike tools from shops that sell them.

How Do You Bypass the Speed Limiter on An Ebike

After following these steps, there is no limit when it comes to biking and off-road driving because we have all power in our own hands. Remember one thing, the author is NOT responsible for the consequences you’ll face while removing the speed limit.

Now, let’s know about the process step by step from the handy method,

disconnect the speed sensor wire and tool kits.

1. The Manual method

Many electric bicycles are designed to shut off at a certain speed. The easiest way is if your bike has this feature and allows it, so use the handy method for these types of vehicles. When you’re traveling on one with an automatic sensor system like that in place (the faster ones do).

Just let go of any responsibility over how fast or slow they go – because once its maximum amount has been reached there’s no turning back. All power will transfer straight from the pedals.

There are two ways to use the sensors:

One is by simply removing one magnet and placing it elsewhere. Or you can combine both magnets to make them work even harder for improved accuracy.

This is a great way to improve the range on your bike by replacing that weak sensor with one of ours. We provide high-quality components and we never risk any warranty.

2. Disconnecting the Sensor Magnet Wiring

Do you have an electric bike with a speed limiter? If so, the first thing that needs to happen is to remove this wire from your equipment and follow these simple steps:

No more worries about getting caught by the speed limit! You can now go as fast or slow as you want with your e-bike. You just need to locate this one wire installed on most bikes. Which is usually found at the controller and attached via soldering iron wires from there into the connector box.

It’s easy enough for anyone who has even studied electronics before (or not). Once removed though… boom… no more restrictions whatsoever: it’s all yours 100%.

3. Using Tool Kits

Nevertheless, you’ll find many people complaining about their bike speed and the limiter that manufacturers offer. They can’t modify their bike despite having a kit when you feel necessary. So, you have to spend a little amount of buck for that–

All you need is to buy a kit or tool set to bypass the speed rate of your electric bike. Generally, there are two options available in the current market besides other accessories– First, circuit disassembly. In the second option, you need no such circuit to disassemble.

tool set to bypass the speed rate of your electric bike

Remember, to bypass the speed limiter using the (Option-1) e-bike kit, you must remove the battery from your bike. The kit comes with switches that can easily be activated and deactivated by pressing the keypad.

If you are looking for a more convenient way to bypass the speed limiter on your electric bike, then a tuning kit of the second type may be right for you. This type of kit does not require any disassembly of your bike’s circuitry – you simply need to attach it to the sensor.

Once it is in place, the device will work its magic and you’ll be able to ride at the fastest speed possible.

Note: Some kits only become active once you reach the maximum speed while riding.

What Are The Impacts of Bypass The Speed Limiter On An Ebike?

Removing a speed limiter from an electric bike can be dangerous, as you are more likely to lose your balance and injure yourself. One way to reduce the risk of accidents is to leave it as it was since it helps you to maintain a safe speed and avoid going too fast.

It is also important to keep these risks in mind when deciding whether or not to remove a speed limiter or controller from your electric bike. While a bike moving at a speed of 30 miles per hour is more dangerous than one moving at 15 mph.

It is still significantly less dangerous than one traveling at 60 mph. This is because the speed of the bike affects the amount of damage it can cause. A biking speed of 30 mph will result in four times more damage than 15mph, and 60 mph will be 16 times as damaging.

FAQs – Some Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of electric bicycles’ speed limiter?

The purpose of an electric bike speed limiter is to ensure that the bike does not go too fast and risk damaging the equipment or injuring the rider.

How can I increase the speed of my electric bike?

There are a few different ways that you can remove the speed limiter on your electric bike. You can either disconnect the sensor wiring, use tool kits, or use circuit disassembly.

What are the consequences of removing the speed limiter on my electric bike?

There are no consequences for removing the speed limiter. You can go as fast or slow as you want with your bike once the speed limiter is removed. However, you’ll face a few issues, including warranty & rule, and federal regulation.


Knowing that speed is essential for thrilling rides, electric bikes are equipped with safety features to prevent accidents. However, those who enjoy going fast will want to know “how do you bypass the speed limiter on an ebike”. Luckily, there’s always a way around this obstacle as long you follow our quick guide.