How Fast Can a 48V Ebike Go?

An electric bike comes with different wattages and volt that determine how much power they need to drive forward. There are tons of options in your hand– for example, 500w 36v, 750w 36v, 1000w 48v, and so on. But, most people ask you how fast a 48v e-bike goes.

You must also be curious about this question. Well! There are many calculations to answer this question. We’ll explain this in the next few parts. Usually, most 48-volt ebike can go up to 36 to 38 mph on average. As we said it involves various factors including the types of roads and other considerations.

In this article, we’re going to explain the facts that will address the maximum speed limit, mileage, and other things. The discussion will also cover the speed of an e-bike when there is a different watt of the motor.

Let’s jump into the conversation, right now–

How Fast Can A 48v Ebike Go?

First thing first, let’s know the answer. As a general rule of thumb, a regular 48v electric bike goes around 38 mph on flat terrain on average. It’s with a 1000w motor. Several factors like the type of terrain, weight of bike, types, etc. may influence the average speed. However, you’ll also find some e-bikes that go 28 to 30 mph with hub motors.

how fast can a 48v ebike go

So, what are the factors that reduce the speed of your 48-volt 1000-watt bikes? These elements could affect your overall speed and performance today and tomorrow. Here they’re–

Road Condition

It’s common to reach more than 30mph on paved roads but it’s much harder to reach this speed in rough terrain. This is the terrain we’re talking about where you may face an obstacle like sand, stone, or mud. Since the road is full of mud and water splash because of adverse weather, sometimes.

Riding uphill also prevents your bike to gain top speed, especially in hilly areas. Where you might encounter so many turns having off-road terrain. How can anybody go so faster in this area? However, it’s much easier to reach a higher speed when going downhill.

Tire Size of Tires

The size of your electric bike tires is also responsible for getting a lower speed. If you have a larger tire it causes more friction to the ground. Therefore, try to use thin and patterned ones unless you need to ride on uphill territory. Since you need a lot of traction support in the tire in this case.

Weather Condition

Bad weather can also decrease your bike speed limit in many ways. For example– you’re riding an electric bicycle in very cold or hot weather it would decrease your battery power and performance. Alternatively, excessive humidity can affect the regular operation of the battery and powerful motor vehicle.

Besides, the wind coming from opposite dissection can decrease your average speed as well. Because you’re about to ride it in a regular situation. Many experts consider this reason a common issue nowadays, though.

Load on the Bike

Every bicycle has maximum load capacity whether it’s a regular or electric one. If you have more weight onboard than the limit you may experience a relatively lower speed. So, remember that the weight of you and other stuff doesn’t cross the limit. However, the speed restrictions are a different thing.

Motor & Battery

The motor and battery packs are the part and parcel of an electric bike that help to reach the top speed and desired mileage. If your electric bicycle has a weaker engine capacity then it could survive in an extreme situation. So, it’s necessary to have a powerful driving force with your bike, no matter if it’s a 48v 1000w, 36v 500w, or 60v 2000w one.

Important Features of A 48v 1000w E-bike?

There are some features that your electric bike should offer, especially when getting a 48-volt 1000-watt electric bike. Which helps improve your speed, mileage, and controllability in the middle of the road. Here are some notable features–

Important Features of A 48v 1000w E-bike

Powerful Battery

Here, the big devil is the battery since this component will run your motorbike goes on. So, make sure the battery pack it offers is big and powerful enough to support the motor for faster speed and long mileage. A relatively weaker one couldn’t survive long in rough road conditions.

Hydraulic Brakes

It’s important to have a good braking system in there that’s convenient to maintain the bike when you’re a the top speed. Nowadays, the hydraulic disc brake is trendy and effective to handle modern electric bikes. Most of them are mechanical.

Safety Feature

A shift sensor is one of the greatest security mechanisms if you’re buying a mid-drive motor-based bike. The sensor helps disconnect the drivetrain and unnecessary wear in an emergency like a short circuit.

How You Can Make A 48v E-bike Faster?

There are a few ways you can make a 48-volt ebike faster than before. It’s hardly possible to increase the basic speed in spite of taking all the necessary actions. Let’s know them at a glance–

How You Can Make A 48v E-bike Faster

Stay Charged Up

Keep your e-bike battery always charged up, especially after a trip or in the middle of a journey. A higher battery state helps your motor to run faster inherently without any doubt. Remember one thing, don’t forget to recharge them fully all the time. However, sometimes, it’s okay to unplug the charging adapter when you’re in a hurry.

Go For a Higher Voltage Battery

The electric motors and their speed are voltage-dependent so you can obtain a higher speed from a powerful battery. Saying that you upgrade the current voltage of your battery pack, for example– 36v to 48v battery. However, make sure that your controller circuit should support the higher voltage. So, checking the volt rating is the best way before you proceed.

Smoother Tires Help

The knobby tires are great options for electric mountain bike since they have grip and traction in the mountain area. You can get rid of bumps and shocks on the off-road discipline. But, it’s also true that they’re terrible for speed sometimes on a flat road. Besides, smooth tires have less ground contact so they run 2 to 3 mph faster in some cases.

One thing more, pump your tire up always when you fell there is less pressure inside the tube. Unlike traditional bikes, this situation is also responsible to reduce bike speed too. So, insert air according to the max air-pressure rating.

Last Words

Hope you’re clear now on how fast can a 48v ebike go and the factor that influences the speed. Besides, we also addressed the most common functions that an ideal e-bike should feature. If you feel your bike goes less than expected you can try the steps we described to make it faster.