Where Are Citizen Bikes Made?

You must be familiar with Citizen bikes and their motto “folding bikes for going and being human”. Yes, they’re. They’re the perfect transport solution to change your lifestyle in a practical way with lots of fun. The Citizen offers various exciting bike series that are stylish, innovative, affordable, and convenient.

However, did you know where are citizen bikes made? No problem! Here, we’re going to tell everything about bike manufacturers’ county, processes, and the reasons behind choosing one.

Where Are Citizen Bikes Made?

Citizen bikes are designed in Florida, United States, and manufactured from a reputed factory in China. The outsource Chinese factory follows all the instructions and specifications very strictly, especially while making the frame. The purpose is to keep the price affordable. They come at incredible prices.

Where Are Citizen Bikes Made

However, still, there is an inspection body to oversee the manufacturing process all the time. On the other hand, they had many distribution centers in the United States. The headquarter(Citizen HQ) of this company is in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Why Choose Citizen Bike?

In a nutshell, the Citizen bikes offer an excellent foldable, practical, and convenient design for easy storage. Therefore, you can store the bikes in a tiny space in your apartment or dorm. Besides, you can also keep them as luggage bags under the bed.

Why Choose Citizen Bike

There are also some reasons why should choose a Citizen bike over a hundred options. Here they’re:

They’re Ready to Ride

You don’t have to be a bike mechanic before your ride one because they with almost 100% tune-up and installation. They roll, pack, and tune accessories at Citizen headquarter. This process could save you at least a hundred dollars of cost and unlimited hassle in the bike setup process in a bike shop.

Devine Design and Quality

User experience matters a lot. The citizen delivering quality folding bikes over 15 years with innovative design and customer feedback. They value and listen to the customers carefully before making a design.

Manufacturer Direct

The Citizen bikes ship their product to you directly from the headquarter via an authorized distributor. No such a big reseller involved in the shipping process, so you’ve nothing to worry about extra money on a third-party agent.

Awesome Customer Service

The citizen company is always there to listen to you. You can call 24/7 to ask any questions, feedback, and complaints about their product.

Final Words

The Citizen bike serving the cycling community for more than fifteen years. By this time, it enabled adventure, commuting, and daily need biking facility to the different rage of people. The company is proud to launch with where are citizen bikes made to provide your a next-level riding experience with lots of fun.

It’s an amazing feeling to share with you about the company and other related information. We hope you’re going to have a ride soon on one. Of course, have an awesome ride at an affordable price.