What Size Folding Bike Do I Need

Who doesn’t love to use a bike for regular commuting and activities! They’ve been the most popular transport option for their usefulness all over the USA. One of the main reasons is, you can take them in almost every place, especially while traveling to a remote destination.

But, people often ask what size folding bike do I need for that, because there are hundreds of models out there. Besides, you should also consider several factors like features requirements, needs, and goals before getting a specific model of a folding bike.

Today, we’re going to look through some of the selection criteria that you should look for when buying yours.We’ll also share some tips so you can get the right one for you.

What Size Folding Bike Do I Need?

You need a 16 or 20 inch folding bike if you want an overall riding experience with most common features. This is an ideal size but you should also look at the other factors as well for example how much storage space you’ve.

What Size Folding Bike Do I Need

Besides, you need one that comes in a lightweight, portable, straightforward to use. Now, we’ll be discussing other factors too that you should look for while getting yours.

Other Factors To Consider When Buying A Folding Bike

Here’re some considerations before deciding what folding bike you should buy or features should look for.  We tried to explain them very simply.

Foldability Depending On Needs

This is needless to say something about foldability as we’re talking about a folding bike. However, you should determine how frequently to fold and unfold your bike. It may take longer to complete the folding process when selecting a comparatively complex product.

Foldability of A Folding Bike

Therefore, always try to take a compact one that makes your tasks easier, no matter how many times to fold and unfold. Besides, you should also keep in mind the suitability depending on the needs, sometimes. Imagine, you’re a city commuter and you need to use public transport, often.

In that sense, you’ll require one that can be easily foldable and unfoldable. Alternatively, you can also get a folding electric bike that offers similar features as well. And most of them are mid-level priced around thousand US dollars.

Storage Space

Another crucial factor comes after the foldability. It’s important to consider your storage space whether it’s a garage, car, or any other public transportation. Now, many airlines allow you to carry a foldable bike on board with a certain measurement. So, keep that in mind. Know the exact measurement before getting one.

Frame & Size

Sadly, most common foldable bikes come with only one frame size that may cause difficulties with shorter or taller people. However, you can inform the seller before you get one asking about size options. Plus, you can also check for the seat and handlebar associated with that particular model.

Consider Weight

Sometimes, weight matters. Yes, if the weight of the frame is too heavy it may affect your performance on any surface. Not only that, its heavy weight can also be challenging to carry, especially while moving to another place.

Safety & Security

Drive safe! Like everyone, you must also have some safety mechanisms to enhance the reliability while on the ground. These include brakes, suspension, tires, etc. they use. A dual mechanical disc brake would be the perfect solution for now for stopping.

And to enhance added extra safety and comfort you should have suspension and solid rubber tires. The front fork and mid-point suspension and anti-puncture tires are very popular nowadays.

Conduct A Test Drive

Test drive is also important if you’ve any doubt or confusion about the bike you’re purchasing from an offline bike shop. This is the only proper way you can assess the riding performance and other related functionalities. If you’ve a little knowledge about it then take an expert or friend with you.

In this case, try to drive it on different terrain like even, uneven, or off road if the seller allows you.

Are Gears Important On A Folding Bike?

Yes, gear is a particularly important factor for a foldaway bike. You need to have a large number of gears if you’re living in a comparatively steep or hilly area. But, it’s okay to have a low geared bicycle on a flat surface.

How Are Bike Sizes Measured?

There are so many things involved to determine a bicycle size, including frame size, seat tube, and seat height. Almost all manufacturers measure an adult bike by the frame size.

They measure the frame from the center point (crank axle) up to the seat tube. Generally they measure conducting in centimeters(cm) for maximum and inches(in) for the mountain bikes.

What Are The Folding Methods?

There are different folding methods depending on model and compay you get for the foldable bikes. Here, we’ve named some of them, so you can get an idea before making a decision. They are:

  • Mid fold(half folding) system
  • Vertical folding
  • Triangle folding method
  • Magnet folding, and so on.

What Is The Weight Of A Folding Bike?

The average weight of a folding bike is around 12 kg but you can find one that comes in 8 kg to 16 kg. As we already said that the weight plays an important role on the grounds. In addition, it’ll be easy for you to carry around with a maneuver or handy condition.

Are Folding Bikes Slower?

No, not at all. But depending on design, some bikes are relatively slower than other standard bikes on uneven terrains. This is to say, the foldable bikes with smaller wheels can run faster on city roads with lots of fun.

Final Words

So, this is just a glimpse of the topic we tried to cover. We tried to cover and answer the core factors and issues so you can make a decision before getting one. I think, from now onward, you can also tell the people who ask what size folding bike do I need. It involves lots of facts, criteria, and considerations.

We also want to write another in-depth article on it if you’re interested. Our team is committed to delivering the right information after lots of study and research activity based on real life problems and solutions.