How To Secure Folding Bike Properly [Pro Tips]

Imagine, you left the bike outside of your home, work, school, or coffee shop and after coming back it disappeared. How would you feel? Yes, we know it feels very bad. And it’s nothing new in the cities you’re living in. But, you can easily prevent this common problem with a proper and secure locking system.

Today, we’re going to discuss a few tips and tricks on how to secure folding bike properly with other related information. From them, the area where you should park your bike to watch and precaution need to be careful. Then you can relax without worrying about it. It’s time to say goodbye to your tension!

Without waiting time let’s jump into them.

What Is A Folding Bike?

A compact form and portable format of regular bike to ensure easy transportation and less storing space. They’ve been very popular all over the world in the last few years. The construction and design allows you to move it from one place to another. Secondly, it ensures safety and security.

What Is A Folding Bike

In addition, it’s quite possible to park one in a garder, park, or your garage. Another variation of this bike is an (motorized)electric bike. The safety and security tips we’re writing are also applicable for them as well. In fact, you’ll find different small folding electric bike under 1000 dollars only with lots of features and advantages.

How To Secure Folding Bike Properly

Typically, you can secure and lock up your foldable bicycle in two ways either in folded or unfolded condition. It’s easy to lock up your unfolded bike using the basic way of locking. On the contrary, you can lock with a cable lock through its both wheels, in a folded situation.

How To Properly Secure Folding Bike

Plus, you can also lock them by following different techniques and methods. To prevent theft, we’ll discuss them now.

The Tips To Secure Foldable Bike Properly

Locking a bicycle with an improper lock and leaving it anywhere is also likely to be theft, sometimes. That’s why people lose a bike in 60 seconds, in the USA. Fortunately, you can reduce that theft by keeping some precaution and safety.

Go nowhere! Stick to the tips and know about them. Here they’re:

  • Park In A Busy Area: Try to lock your bike with an object in the nearest area, although it’s not a good idea most of the time. Besides, try to park your bike in a busy or public area to prevent possible theft. There is a less chance of getting stolen from a heavy foot traffic roadside parking zone.
  • Under CCTV Surveillance: You can also park your beloved folding bike in a place that’s under CCTV surveillance. It ensures extra security to your bike just because it’s being watched. If stolen, you can watch camera footage to identify the thief.
  • Lock With An Immovable Object: It’s important to lock the bike with an immovable object, no matter how secure the lock you’ve. Because, if you lock it with an insecure object then your security is vulnerable and no longer safe from theft. From now on, try to avoid any object that’s made of wood because they’re vulnerable as well.
  • Get A Secure And Robust Lock: You locked your bike very securely but what if it vanished within a moment! Sounds creepy? No, you heard right. It’s also possible to steal for a thief if you’re purchasing a low quality lock. You can still get a good bike lock at a reasonable price but for the best lock you’ve to spend good bucks.
  • Attach a GPS tracker: With a GPS device you can track and catch a thief if it’s stolen anytime and anywhere. No matter where they hide it or transport it. You can simply track the movement activity of your cycle through phone sms and notification.
  • Remove Bike Accessories: In order to secure the bike, you should remove its accessories because most thieves target the precious parts of your bike. As the accessories are easily detachable for example headlights, saddle post, GPS device, and removable battery.
  • Cover For Extra Safety: You can also use a cover for your bike safety especially for the outer threats like sand, dirty splashes, and other physical damages. And try to get a comparatively cheaper cover so thieves treat it as a simple or cheaper bike. Trust me! It’s an effective and proven solution to this problem.

Fact Check: Do you know how many bike thefts per year in the USA? A case study shows us that over 2 million bikes are stolen annually in America. And that Includes about 530 garages.

What Are The Best Folding Bike Lock?

Now, it’s time to get the best lock for folding bike. And to do so you’ve to find one that’s easy to use and easy to carry anywhere. This time, you must ask which one I should purchase then? Wait, you’ve tons of options out there. All you’ve to look for are some processes.

Look for the security level based on your risk level like your living area. Suppose if you’re living in a big town or city then your bike is at high risk and needs a SOLD SECURE(GOLD) version. However, all you’ve to buy is a SOLD SECURE(SILVER) if you’re living in a small city-town. Then, the theft risk is relatively lower.

Some Folding Bike Locks & Security Level

There are some security locks that might help your perfect match. At first, the lock we’re going to name is “Foldylock Classic” with 2.95 pounds. And it’s a “SOLD SECURE(SILVER)” lock. Secondly, the “Trelock FS 500 Toro” and “Abus Bordo 6500” come in a lightweight shape. These two locks meet the “SOLD SECURE(GOLD)” mark.

Last Words

So, that is all about folding bike safety and security. Now, you’ve understood how to secure folding bike properly and where to. Besides, location is a very important aspect as compared to the locking mechanism you’re buying. If you’re not choosing a right place to park then it may be lost.

Likewise, choosing the right lock for your bike is also important to protect it from thieves. Therefore, take proper knowledge about all of them. Although, we didn’t cover the whole thing today. But, you find interest in our latest post about bike security. You care about your bike, so we’re.