How to Secure an Electric Bike – Expert Tips!

Did you know? According to Project 529, a nonprofit registry, people lose more than 2 million bikes each year in North America. That’s a huge amount!

Security issues for electric bikes have been a big concern in recent days. The reasons would be you can’t park them here and there for their heavier weight. And if you look at the investment, it’s pretty expensive to have one than regular bikes. So, it’s very painful to see the bike is no more.

Worry no more and be relaxed! However, our team is here with an optimal solution to telling you how to secure an electric bike safely. Only a lock can’t prevent theft. You need to follow some other techniques.

There are some ways you can follow to ensure bike safety and security. No matter how far you’re from the bike, it’s safe. Here are the tips and tricks to prevent theft and what action you should take after getting stolen:

How to Secure an Electric Bike – Safely & Securely

You can apply different safety locks, mechanisms, and techniques to secure an electric bike. This is to say, a safe parking location beside a strong lock could improve your bike security more than others. However, you should know and understand the security techniques to prevent theft. The followings are some of them:

How to Secure an Electric Bike

Choose A Strong Lock

Locks are the essential security devices to secure your ebike. So, choosing a good and strong lock is crucial to ensure primary level safety. A good bike lock comes with multiple safety features for preventing theft. But, still, some people tend to use so-called thin chain or cable lock that are vulnerable.

Therefore, try to go for thick and solid rod ones such as U-locks or D-locks. Our e-bike experts found them very safe and secure. If possible, use a combination of locks (above two). The potential thieves have to invest more effort and cut them. No matter how powerful angle grinders they’ll use. We’ll discuss types of locks, their features, and their benefits in the upcoming part.

We’ll discuss How to lock an e-bike?

Proper Locking Objects

Did you own a strong lock? Well! But that’s not enough for now. Besides, you should also select a place where to lock your bike. Therefore, look for a very strong, fixed, and immovable object. People often choose a thing that is broken easily for anyone. Try to avoid the trees, aluminum pipes, wooden or signposts.

In addition to that, proper locking techniques are essential too. You can lock it there with the bike frame and front or rear wheel rim of your bike. It seems very old, but it is an effective bike safety technique.

Keep Your Bike in Public Place

We sometimes tend to hide our electric bikes while we are leaving them. Listen! It’s very bad practice. As a general rule of thumb, If you hide them from the public eye, bike thief will get a chance to accomplish their task. Hence, lock your bike in a public place. Parking your bike in a busy street or high-traffic area is also important.

On the other hand, try to park them in a different place every day so the intruders can’t target and make a plan.

Keep Bike Parts Under Lock

There are so many parts of an electric bike that are more costly than we think. The battery, motor, display, and other components are prone to get stolen.  You should also think about them besides the security of the bike. You should have to plan before buying to keep them safe.

So, try to get an electric bike that offers security features for the additional accessories. Otherwise, you have to keep the cycle with you. Our experts suggest you use a removable display so that you can detach it.

Keep an Eye on It

The best thing is to keep an eye on the bike while you leave it. Though it is not possible all the time, you should try. While you are in class, office, or market, keep the bike where you can see it. You may come and see it in the gap of your work. That will be the best practice too.

GPS Tracking

There are so many technologies that you may use to keep your electric bike safe. GPS is one of the best modern inventions for vehicles and bikes. They will give you access to check your bike’s present location. The device won’t prevent your bike theft, but it’d help you track and find in case of theft.

What if Your Bike is Stolen?

The first thing you have to do is to inform to police. After that, you have to trace the GPS you have in your e-bike. If you don’t find it, go to the insurance company. Let’s see them in detail in the following sections.

Track the GPS

In an earlier section, we discussed GPS technology and tracking devices. Let’s assume you installed a GPS device on the bike. Now, the first thing is to track and find the bike with its current location. Then, decide what you’ll do with the thief.

Report To Police

You should report to the police station nearby as soon as possible about the incident sharing the bike location. Open a general diary as lost and found complaint. It’s your responsibility to inform the police after you have found the bike by that time. Otherwise, only the police will help you in this situation once you submit the report.

Go for Insurance Policy

Most bikers register insurance for their electric bikes. If you have one, claim or request that as a policyholder to the company. They will not help you to find the bike. Rather they will help you with coverage or compensation. That’s all.

What Are The Best Lock for Electric Bike?

It’s hard to say, and no one-word answer which one is the best. The Abus Granit X-Plus 540 and Abus Steel-O-Chain 9809 are among the best high-quality locks from experts’ recommendations. Besides, there are more options in your hands, but they’re easy to break and cut.

What Are The Best Lock for Electric Bike

So, try to use the best one for your bike. The followings are some features and advantages of using them:

Abus Granit X-Plus 540

The Abus Granit X-Plus 540 is perfect for use on electric bicycles as it is the most secure bike lock available. It has an added layer of protection with its anti-theft system makes it almost impossible for anyone to steal.

ABUS 11161 Granit 540 Padlock

Additionally, the cylinder is made from a hardened-steel material that makes it resistant to damage and offers added security. So, this lock will be one of the best options.

Abus Steel-O-Chain 9809

The Chain locks are the best for high-security needs, especially while locking an ebike. In that sense, Abus Steel-O-Chain 9809 is on the top. It’s made with heavy-duty steel and cut protective rubber. All these things will help you to keep your electronic bike safe. With that, it is easy to lock and open with a key. If you know how to close an e-bike, you will be able to use it.

ABUS 9809 Steel-O-Chain Steel Bike Chain Lock

Our expert team also recommends using any of them, and your locking experience will renew. You will find a new way of locking your device. We hope you find the best safety for your electric bike.


That was all for today. We hope you find this discussion helpful and know how to secure an electric bike properly. Read more about locking and securing yours. We’re going to share more discussions on e-bikes in the latest upcoming articles. If you still have more questions about bike security, contact us we’ll respond ASAP.

Thanks for reading from us.

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