How To Ride an Electric Bike Uphill?

Every biker rides their electric bike with different strategies. Like, I like to ride my ENGWE 750W Folding Electric Bike to climb the steep hills with a thriller feel. Yes, it is true that the basic riding experience is the same for all riders. But depending on the usage pattern and the personal strategy-riding style may differ from person to person.

Again bike type also is a major concern to climb an uphill. Though conventional bicycles and electric bikes (especially Electric Mountain Bike) are different, in some cases you can utilize the same option to ride uphill.

However, today I will tell you about how to ride an electric bike uphill.  Usually, I use different ways to climb up. I will explain what exactly I do on those ways to ride up.

Let’s jump in-

How To Ride An Electric Bike Uphill?

How To Ride an Electric Bike Uphill

Option 1 (Absolutely Easy for all riders):

Whether you are starting from the foothills, or you are riding from far-the most important thing is your cycle’s gear. To climb up, firstly you have to lower the gear. The First gear is more appreciable for up riding.  As you have to put an anti-gravitational force to reach the hill up. Therefore, the less you have to afford to pedal, the better. At first gear, the riding becomes less struggle even on an obstacle added place.

You may wonder why I am talking about facing the gravitational force! As you are moving on power, how does gravitational force make sense? Yes, it does make sense! Your ebike also can feel the sense. The higher the gravitational force your ebike has to face, high power it will have to afford. However, drive your drivetrain with first gear and reach the uphill. However, the more powerful Motor you have, you can use the power to ride easily on the hill.

Option 2 (Pedal Assist Mode):

Now I will tell how about the beauty of a pedal-assist electric bicycle. The first way, I share about riding with first gear with the help of the motor. In this second process, I am just stopping the power mode option, therefore, it will be all about pedal assist. Simply if I say, I like to stop the Electric Motor and make it one-footed. As this method is based on “no power using’’ so it will save the battery charge and motor power. All normal bike riders (pedal bikes) climb on the hill using this way.

Option 3 (Combined way):

Now let’s see the third option to reach the uphill riding on your electric bicycle. You can call this is a combined method. Both the pedal-assist mode plus using the full throttle will move you up in this option. Only using the full throttle is impressive to push you up-but it will drain the battery power quickly. Why? Because hill magnitude is not a good thing for your ebike!

Let’s explain to you more clearly, suppose you have to ride a hill area of 5 miles. Now if you use the full-throttle mode to ride up, it will kill approximately 10 to 15 miles’ battery life. Therefore, full throttle is discouraging always. Carrying a larger battery to get booster power will add an extra burden on the total weight of the bike.

If you don’t care about the battery life, you may be in an emergency time-so a full-throttle can use here. So, come at the combined option. You can start using the full-throttle option. After riding a little bit-leave your ebike on pedal assist mode. In this combined method, user can utilize both their manual and motor power. Both the feet and the motor works here to drive towards up.

There is no doubt, riders like me always get the thrill to feel on full throttle. The most awesome matter is; I even can ride almost six or seven miles in 1 hour using full throttle. But after that, I take an interval and ride on the pedal assist.

A rider will less weight can ride faster up the hill using full-throttle mode.

Among these three options, which one going to be suit you more? It is pretty difficult to explain. Riding experience never could be the same for all. Depending on the rider’s mode, rider’s preferable ways, and how long the hill area-the riding method will differ.

For smaller hills, we discourage using the full throttle. It will drainage the battery in the middle of your riding.  Better you can go with the third option. Combination of the full-throttle mode plus pedal assist mode. Start with the full throttle, after riding a few miles-turn of the power, and start pedal-assist riding. Again after going a few miles, you can use the throttle mode.

Usually riding is all about own mood, own experience. The fact is, though I am delivering my riding experience here, the universal fact is I also could not follow the same on each riding. If you know the basics, remaining will automatically come with your experience. Each time you stand at the foothills with your ebike-it will tell you about the different riding ways to reach the uphill.

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Factors That Need To Consider To Ride An Electric Bike Uphill:

Let’s tell me some ebike rules to climb the hills. These rules also are applicable to your traditional bike as well.

  • Body position: Different hill steeps demand different body positions. For gentle slope, make your body position neutral. To pass the steeper hilly, move your body forward. The riding Position helps the rider to control more both on the bike and the rider’s body.
  • Line and Pedaling Cadence: A perfect line helps the rider to fix a perfect pedaling cadence. While you are riding on a hilly way, it is better to notice a few meters ahead. It will help you to view what is coming to stop you!
  • Battery Charge: Before starting going up-keep the battery fully charged. So that when you need to use the throttle mode, you can peacefully rely on the battery until you reach the uphill.
  • Tire Pressure: A tire is one of the major parts, impacts directly ebike performance. A properly pressurized tire can deliver proper traction on a hilly way.
  • Bike Grip: You cannot ride at a higher speed or maximum speed on a rough terrain full of loose rocks. A steady pedaling only can help you in that case to reach the uphill. However, if your bike tire does not grip properly on a hilly terrain-you have a chance to slip out of the track. It is so risky, therefore check the tire gripes before starting the riding.

Final verdict

That is how we covered how to ride an electric bike uphill. The last thing I want to include here is the safety of you and your bike. A downhill rider always picks a high speed to ride down, which is high risk. So be careful, wear proper safety gear before starting riding uphill. Also never forget to follow the legal rule for max speeds especially for the class 3 E-Bikes.

If you think, we have missed anything important here-please pinch me on your comment box. We are eagerly waiting for your response.

Thank you.