How To Operate An eBike? [Operating Process Of An ebike]

Electric bike, Name of the mystery as Electronic Method of Transportation:

An electric bike is no less than a mystery. In the mess of so many electric and motorized vehicles, an electric bike still provides the manual cycling flavor to the rider.

The combination of manual pedaling plus motor powering, helps each adventurous rider to ride a long way, or climb up the mountain easily.

Even when the user becomes too tired riding the electric cycle on a long road, can take the help of a friend or family member to get back push so that easily can move forward.

Though it’s not too fast like the scooter or the motorbike, still it become one of the interesting ways of electronic transportation.

For the newbie, riding on an e-bike could be a little bit complex and time expanding. The fact is, till the battery is alive on your e-bike, it needs an especial focus on the motor, battery charging states, display boards, and so on.

Once the battery becomes zero, you can treat your e-bike as a regular bicycle and can ride it manually how you want!

So, now we are writing about how to operate an ebike. You also could be a good reader & learner today, on our today’s topic. Just you need to stay follow us here-

How to Operate an ebike?

Riding on an electric bike is more fun than a traditional bike. Somehow, riding on the electric bike offers the same feel as a regular push bicycle with an additional motor power mode.

How To Operate An eBike

Electric bikes also are the same as bikes, but these need advanced knowledge and experience to be safe and to keep safe the planet. However, keep reading us to know how to operate an e-bike-

At first, decide how to operate your electric bike, with pedal-assist mode or by motor power mode. Depending on how the electric bike has been prepared, that means the model and power of the electric bike, use the motor to provide power on your both legs.

According to us, 30% 300% bosting can be added depending on the terrain and the speed user going to choose with their electric bicycle.

The major concern before riding the electric bike is, when to choose the mechanical gear or when to choose the electric boosting. Yea, you can move forward on both (if your bicycle features the pedal-assist mode), but if you want to enjoy every kilometer by reducing all your body fat, ride your electric bike on pedal assist mode.

But what to do on a 40kms hilly trail? In that case, both the mechanical gear plus pedal assist can help you to complete your riding without finishing the battery juice.

For the newbie rider, a derailleur shifter is suggested 4 to 5 points mechanical gear. After then, forget about more mechanical gear and focus on the battery level to power your bike up.

Though mechanical gear may not expectable for all users, therefore focus on the battery level, how each level assists you to move forward. Changing the mechanical gear on your derailleur, increase the range of your battery.

So to climb the hill up, you can also shift down the mechanical gear on the 2nd or 3rd (on Derailleur).

However, don’t forget one thing. An electric bike or regular push bike-all is first started by the rider’s leg. And after the first starting, the regular bike runs on legs and the electric bike runs on a motor. As electric bikes contain motors to assist the pedal, so users don’t need to think that an electric bike will replace your pedaling instead of assisting it. Including the Thump Throttle, power the electric bike to ride without pedal assist mode. Remember one thing, an electric bike is not a motorbike. It’s a bicycle, which when gets the motor, assist the pedaling.

Therefore, the key roles to riding an electric bike are-

  • Focus on Anticipate! When a hill or an obstacle is coming on your trail, just lower your mechanical gear. Even at the time of stopping the electric bike, need to lower the mechanical gear.
  • At first adjust the mechanical gear. Once you have adjusted the mechanical gear, the second thing you need to adjust is the pedal assist level.

Electric bikes having Cadence-Based systems need more caring compared with other electric bikes. Few Cadence Based systems ask propelling until the user gets the speed during pedaling. On flat terrain, it is very easy to reach a target speed. Even the newbie also could speed up to 12mph/20kph.

However, Cadence Based system is relatively easier if the user wants to ride on mechanical gear. The only problem is users need to adapt the power-providing system manually.

For the newbie rider, we suggest starting from a flat surface.  And as all electric bikes are relatively heavier than any traditional bikes, so users can start taking some time to feel the weight on even distribution.

Also, it is better to start taking some assistance from a second person in case of electric bike riding. Once the rider got the whole control over the electric bike distribution and the starting, can start a smooth turning on the power assistance.

A smooth turning on of the power assistance helps the user to prevent the power kick in from the electric bike. After starting the riding, need to adapt the gear change and the control over the breaking.

Before heading out with the electric bike, the user also needs to familiarise themselves with the display panel and the bike control to operate the bike a long way.

Knowing adjusting both the mechanical gear and the pedal assist level helps a user to perfectly ride the electric bike on any terrain, any time, at any speed.

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So What Are The Step-By-Step Process To Operate The ebike?

Step 1: Don’t forget to wear a safety helmet. If you feel it is your requirement, safety gloves also are recommended. Both for the normal bike owners and the e-bike owners, a safety helmet is mandatory at first.

Step 2: Take the bike on a flat surface. Take a few minutes to feel easy with your body weight distribution on your electric bike.

Step 3: Turn on the electric motor. Before turning on your ebike motor, carefully notice the battery charging level. For a long ride, you will minimum need of 95% charge on your ebike battery.

However, you have to know at first how far your electric bike can go with one single charge. And then you can make the ride plan according to that.

Step 4: Start with low speed. Set the target speed based on the miles per hour.  As ebike owners can use the display panel added on the electric bike, so you also watch the ebike display to focus on your target speed.

Adjust the pedaling (if you are on pedal assist mode) with the gear slowly. For a Normal bike, adjust the speed until you are feeling smooth on your both leg.

Step 5: Know about the traffic on your terrain. Be sure you are watching all in front traffic before moving forward. As ebike do not contain any mirror, therefore it’s all your responsibility to see the traffic on your way.

You can add a mirror, a horn bell to add additional safety on your ebike. Also be careful about the lane, intersections. Ride carefully to avoid any accidents. Never try to cross the bike lanes.

Step 6: Be responsible, be loyal. Follow all laws and regulations on the road.  Especially, E-Bike Riders of all class 3 e-bike need to maintain the street law to get a high mph. Know the speed limit on your street.

Though class 1 e-bikes easily can deliver you the maximum speed, you cannot get all the electric power from the class 2 and class 3 e-bike on all streets. On the contrary to the street laws, regular bicycles are pretty convenient to get the maximum speed (as these vehicles run using human power rather than using electric power).

Step 7: If you feel you cannot move with your ebike, just park it at a suitable place and call any of your family members.


No one can doubt on an electric bike about its efficiency to become motorized but green transportation for any classes, any ages people! An electric bike can be an awesome means to avoid traffic jams, air smog. It also could save fossil fuel, also could improve the health conditions by burning the body’s unnecessary fat.

Though it cannot solve our all transportation-related difficulties, still it can give us a nice starting!

So do not delay riding the electric bike already you have or might be you are going to purchase soon. And to ride on an ebike, forcefully push you to get all insights on how to operate an ebike.

That’s all, Thank you.