How To Lock An E Bike? Secure Your Bike Anywhere, Anytime !!

In 2022, especially after the corona pandemic, using personal transport like an electric bike or regular push bicycle has increased significantly. The growing electric bike group faces a significant bike thieving in urban and rural areas.

A high expensive bike attacked the bike thieves more comparatively! However, though ebike users now have become one of the bike thieves’ significant targets, some ways can still deter the thieves from their illegal attempts.

Today, let’s discuss how to lock an e bike, with some additional safety tips. Let’s read us here-

How to Lock an E bike?

There are plenty of bike locks available today to make your bike safe and secured. Users can choose between the bike chain lock and bike U-Lock. Both locks are standard, bearing standard locking features.

How to Lock an E bike

Chain Locks:

Chain locks are for all standard Ebike. Even conventional bike owners also can use these locks for their bike safety. A chain lock delivers added protection by closing together the bike frame and the rear wheel.

Chain locks are relatively affordable lighter in weight. Besides this, these are easy to store anywhere. You can use this lock either to the primary locks of your bike (use in that close through the bike frame and the rear wheel).

If you are more concerned about your beautiful bike, a chain lock also could be used as the secondary lock (use through the bike frame to the front wheel). However, chain locks are foldable and can easily mount any parts on your electric bike.

Plenty of chain locks are available nowadays- our reference is- Master Lock 8143D Bike Lock Cable with Combination. This excellent bike lock is 4ft long provides enough strength and security. It is made from a braided steel cable, which gives high performance to prevent cutting and sawing. T

he Factory Set Combination (using four-digit) secured the bike without any key. Master 5143D is flexible. It has a self-coiling design for convenient storage. This lock has a protective vinyl coating to protect the rush or carrion. Vinyl coating is perfect for preventing any lift or scratch in any weather.

What is U-Lock:

Cargo E-bikes are comparatively more significant than any other bike. Therefore, the owner of this bike needs to be a little bit tricky to lock this bike. Generally, all cargo e-bike features a busy rear area. Therefore, need to use a perfect lock to secure it well. A chain lock can also be used here to loop through the frame and the bike rear wheel. A U-lock could still bring more peace of mind by covering through the front wheel.

Kryptonite Keeper 12mm U-Lock is our most preferred bike U-lock. The Kryptonite brand is already so reputed for bike locks that every bike owner automatically knows about this.

However, this 12 mm Hardened U-shaped lock perfectly resists any Bold cutter, Hand tools, or Leverage Attacks. It can prevent any cutting and awing. Kryptonite offers a lifetime guarantee. Moreover, it also provides Anti-Theft Protection; you can get a reimbursement of up to $500 if your bike stole, despite having this lock.

What About The Combined Lock?

Interestingly you can use a combined locking system to lock your electric bike. Suppose using a chain lock on the rear wheel plus the bike frame will secure your electric bike from the back portion. If you use a U-lock to lock the front wheel of your bike, it will secure the front side.

Yes, you can use a double chain lock both on the rear or front wheel to secure the bike well. All standard electric bikes can cover in this way. Cargo, electric bikes are longer than an ordinary electric bikes. Therefore, we suggest using a U-lock to secure the front wheel and a chain lock to secure the rear wheel.

You can use a combined U lock with cable for added security. Velo Bike Lock Heavy Duty Bicycle U-Lock is our preference in that case. Velo Bike lock is a 14mm Shackle with a larger hexagonal PVC cable (20 to 42mm). It’s a kind of mounting bracket both for the road bike, electric bike, folding bikes. It’s a solid bike lock that needs less time to use with almost no hassle. Here you will get two keys for your convenience.

Let’s wrap up today’s session by saying some safety tips to prevent your valuable electric bike from being stolen.

  • Never use only one chain lock to lock the bike. Rather than use a double lock to secure both the front and rear portion of your bike.
  • Keep your bike under your direct eye supervision. Never keep it in any dark alley.
  • If possible, park it inside your home area.
  • If you need to keep your bike regularly outside your workplace, take some extra safety or precaution.
  • Lock your electric bike in your garage or any other home safe place.
  • You can use a bike sensor alarm to prevent the bike from thieving.

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