How To Carry A Folding Bike: Pro Tips!

Folding bikes offer numerous features and conveniences to make your daily life much easier. But carrying them from one place to another can be frustrating sometimes, especially while planning a trip on holiday. You might face struggle on a bus, subway, or plane unless you carry one properly.

Sometimes, bikers have to pay an extra fee for inappropriate packing methods and lack of knowledge. Don’t panic! Now travel with your folding bicycle anywhere, anytime. Here, we’re writing a few things on how to carry a folding bike properly for enjoying a great vacation.

Following the pro tips will improve knowledge and make it easy to transport. Before we move on to the topic, let’s introduce some of the advantages of using once.

Why Ride A Folding Bike?

Riding a folding bike has innumerable benefits for the commuters, like foldability, portability, and transportability. Their foldable structure allows you to carry with you, including home, office, and public transport. Therefore, you’ve nothing to worry about being theft from the eye side.

Why Ride A Folding Bike

Besides, you can roam with it inside your private car, RV, or SUV. It’s only possible because of their portable architecture and compact shape. However, you can also have other benefits from getting a compact folding bike.

  • They’re secure: Yes, folding bikes are safe to use as you can take them to college, office, or a coffee shop. Unlike regular bikes, you don’t have to worry about being stolen from outside. Fold and take it into a room.
  • Compact storage: The foldable format ensures compact storage system as compared to other regular or traditional bicycles. Therefore, it saves lots of space in your home, car, or office.
  • Health benefit: Regular cycling improves your physical and mental health. Experts say you’ll see a major improvement in strength, energy, and stamina. It’s also useful for cardiovascular disease and improves your heart’s blood flow.

How To Carry A Folding Bike? – Pro Tips

You can carry a folding bike in many ways depending on the mode of the transportation system. It’s possible to carry and cross short distances with a holding frame. Most of the public transport allows carrying foldie with their foldable structure alone.

How To Carry A Folding Bike

However, some transport and aviation agencies allow taking a foldaway bicycle with only a handbag while traveling. As they also have to follow some public transportation rules for difficulties.

Here are some of the useful tips to travel with your foldable bicycle:

1. Public Transport(Bus & Train)

You might travel on public transport frequently as an urban people. No problem! If you’re a city commuter, you can move with a folding bike if you’re a city commuter as most people treat them as luggage items. Sometimes, it depends on how much space exists there.

However, unfortunately, most drivers don’t allow a full-size bike on board. Otherwise, you’ve to pay extra for that other than people who have priority with a wheelchair, pram, or walking assistance. So, if you’re planning tips, check and be sure about their regulations.

Here are some of the factors to know about:

  • Know if there is a time restriction for taking a bike
  • Additional charges and frees
  • Area-specific guidelines for a special zone
  • Cycling rules after reaching the destination
  • Maximum size and weight of a bike in folded condition
  • How many folded bikes do they allow for boarding at a time
  • Whether they should have a cover or not

Remember, you might carry one during on-board or discharge to move on to the roads. Using an elevator makes it easier to take instead of an escalator.

2. Airplane

Are you planning a flight with your bike? No Worries! You have to put it in a portable suitcase as check-in luggage. According to most airline regulations, you can travel with a 20-24 inch carrying case. Look for a travel case that offers enough cushion before buying. It keeps your bike safe and secure during transit.

The followings are some of the best bike suitcase for airplane:

It’s better to get a hardshell suitcase for better safety; this is to say. Before leaving home, you should double-check the package to ensure it doesn’t exceed the baggage weight limit. Ask the personnel about the standard baggage weight before you pack. We’ll write more about the cases in upcoming articles.

In addition, you can ask check-in staff to attach a “FRAGILE” tag, so loaders and unloaders pay special attention. However, you may find different policies and terms & conditions on some internal budget airlines in the USA. You’ve another alternative method as a mode of transportation.

3. Private Vehicles

Carrying a folding bike brings you a lot of advantages, especially when moving to a remote location near mountains and jungles. You can take and transport inside your vehicle, including a car, SUV, or any recreational vehicle. Go anywhere you want. It could be a road trip, outdoor leisure, or camping adventure.

SUVs and RVs are the best transportation method as they come with large compartments and storage space. Keeping inside a car might be painful and frustrating sometimes. Hence, try to grab a portable, compact, and budget friendly small ebike in price. You can fit them inside your deck with less effort.

We gathered more information about the transportability of electric bikes as a frequently asked question section from this point forward.

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Final Words

This is all about how you can travel with a folding bike. We tried to share a few tips and advice on carrying a folding bike when traveling by bus, subway, and plane. Our experts also said flight regulations and baggage systems for a foldaway bike. We hope you found a great solution for all modes of transportation.

Carrying them on road transport is much easier than taking a flight. If you’re not clear yet, please ask for anything, suggestions, and feedback on this topic. We’ll definitely cover them in the next few posts.