How Long to Charge Ebike Battery? [5 Fabulous charging Tips]

You may seriously want to ride on a mountain climb or a Parkside street. You may want to ride by challenging the high automobile traffic. Whatever your riding intention is, you cannot proceed even a step forward when your electric bike is empty from electric charge.

And frankly, to say, without a proper charge on your electric bike, your electric bike is just like a fruit residue without any fruit juice!

The major component of an electric bike is its battery. And if you want your electric bike is working properly, it is important to know how it can charge properly. However, to keep your battery in a good life and good shape, you need to know how long to charge the e-bike battery additionally with some charging tips.

So why you are waiting more! Let’s see how we explained our said title-

How Long to Charge Ebike Battery?

Usually, Lithium Batteries take 3.5 an hour to 6 hours to fully complete one single charge. Electric Bike runs using the lithium-ion battery, if the battery is fully depleted on your bike, you can charge within the said time.

How Long to Charge Ebike Battery

However, the battery charging time depends on some things. At first, the battery brand (Obviously the quality battery takes less time to fully charge and the less quality batter pull more time), the battery depletion stage, when the battery is fully depleted, it takes less time to get fully charged.

And last all the battery charging status, if the battery is partially charged already, you will need less time to charge it fully.

Anyway, charging with the partial charge of the battery can stop the topping of the battery at the last charging hour. And charging in this way causes the battery charging efficiency to increase more.

Avoiding the topping off the battery also reduces the battery charging time, therefore you will find some more capable batteries that can fully charge only at 2.5 hours.

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How Many Charges You Can Do Your Electric Bike Batteries?

Mostly Lithium-ion batteries can take a minimum of 500 times of full charge cycle to give a minimum of 80% main capacity. However, Some more powerful batteries even can take 1200 full charging cycles to run their advanced electric bike.

How Long to Charge Ebike Battery

Before counting the full charging cycle, bear one thing on your mind! When you are charging your e-bike batteries with their 50% charging presence, you have to count the battery charging cycle half at that time.

And when your battery has 10 to 20 percent charge, charging at this stage will allow you to count a full battery charging cycle (if you end up charging near 100 percent).

And if want to know how long you can ride with your one electric battery, the answer usually depends on the battery capacity and battery brand also on how you treat your battery.

However, a normal lithium-ion electric bike battery will allow an electric bike 10,000 to 30,000 miles (at pedal-assist mode, when you both riding on pedal mode and electric power). And after that, you have to replace the existing electric battery with a newer one.

How Much Electricity Does It Take to Complete a Full Charging Cycle to An Electric Battery?

It also depends on the battery. Depending on the battery capacity and battery needs, your electric battery may need 400 to 500 watts to charge the battery per hour. And this watt will cost you around 5 to 8 cents.  Expensing 5 to 8 cents per charge, 20 to 80 miles (depending on the battery capacity and bike motor) long ride can possible easily.

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5 Fabulous Ebike Battery Charging Tips:

Once you are informed about the charging time of the battery of your electric bike, now let’s know 5 tips to make the battery charging more efficient and cost savings. Knowing these tips will solely help the battery to keep in a good state for a long time too.

Ebike Battery Charging Tips

1. Charge Your New Electric Bike Battery for A Long Time:

At least take 12 hours to fully charge your new electric bike battery. When we get a new mobile or new charger light, what do we do? Usually, each new battery that runs on the charge, needs to charge at least 12 hours to keep it good for its whole lifespan.

So the user may ask why we suggest a long charge to a new electric bike battery! The answer is, this long charge on a new battery ensures an even current distribution over the whole battery cell for the optimal time.

So what we can call is, this long charge ultimately helps the battery to remove the dormant stage usually!

2. Charge Regularly:

Every electric bike battery is based on lithium chemistry. And hence, they demand regular charging to last longer and to give proper action. Let me clear one thing. A regular charge never asks to charge the battery when it is fully discharged!

Like your bike battery has 30 or 40 percent charge remaining, so you can start charging your electric battery at this stage too. Usually, no electric battery says to start to charge those when they fully become zero from their capacity.

3. Never Allow Extreme Temperature While You Are Charging the Electric Battery:

Count the electric battery the same as you are feeling to the riding weather. The electric batteries also feel good at a moderate temperature. Therefore, if you want to extend your electric battery life, you need to maintain a normal temperature while you are charging it.

Not only an extreme temperature, but also we never recommend too cold weather during the charging time.

To maintain the optimal temperature during charging of the battery, keep the weather better than freezing, and near about 110 Degrees Fahrenheit. Also, avoid keeping the electric bicycle in direct sunlight at its charging time.

4. Never Expect an Overcharge:

Never keep the battery plugged with the charger for too long! When the battery becomes fully charged, don’t leave it for a long time. 95 % is the optimal battery charging level, you can leave the charger from the battery connection after that percentage.

A too-long connection of the battery with the charger down the battery, and gives a poor charging cycle.

5. Why Leave an Empty Battery?

You may be on an exam rush for why your electric bike is on vacation. So at this bicycle vacation, how do you will keep your electric bike battery? Just leave it as it is? Never leave your electric bike on a vacation with an empty battery.

Instead of keeping an empty battery, keep the battery charging capacity minimum at 50 to 60 percent. One thing to remember, battery age also is a major concern to make an efficient charging period. Besides this, you also need a quality battery charger to make the charging time reduced.

Finally, to keep your electric battery fully functional and alive-you need to ride it regularly! And to ride your electric bike, you need to keep alive the electric battery upon a regular charging of it!

So never underestimate the regular and on-time charging of your electric battery, it will gift you an efficient battery performance for a prolonged time.

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