How Long Does an Electric Bike Motor Last?[8 Incredible Tips]

The electric bike now become the trendiest personal transport among all ages people.  Compared with the traditional bicycle, these bikes are more versatile and a great alternative for motorbike driving.

However, longevity is the major issue, you might be concerned about your bike. Whether the purchase objective is for commuting or adventurous recreation-in both cases E-bike longevity is crucial.

Particularly the electric motor of your ebike brings the question, how long it will last on the field! And to explain more on how does an electric bike motor lasts, we are here today with this session.

Let’s stop the ado-and dive for a detailed discussion-

How Long Does An Electric Bike Motor Last?

Roughly it is up to 10,000 miles. If you can properly care for your ebike, this measurement could be longer. Suppose you are riding five miles per day, so your ebike motor will need a replacement after 5 to 6 years approximately.

Though the longevity of all motors depends on some other factors, the overall maintenance and how you take care of your ebike-are most considerable. How you are driving your ebike also is mentionable. If you are riding on manual pedaling (like a regular bike), that means the motor is not working. In that case, the lifetime automatically will increase.

how long does an electric bike motor last

The most important matter is-the age of the motor solely depends on the usage amount, usage pattern, terrain type, and the riding weather. The type of motor is crucial sometimes. Also, we should mention here the Type of battery, Battery Capacity, and Battery Life-which all passively impact the motor’s life. Maximum electric bike motor lasts either around 10,000 miles riding distance or 3 to 5 years (with a good E-bike Battery).

How You Can Make My Electric Bike Motor Long Lasting? 8 Incredible Tips To Take Care Of Your Ebike Motor:

Surprisingly, ebike motors are the long alive portion among any other parts of the total ebike system. The reason for this long-lasting is-it doesn’t need to work all time (usually it takes a rest on manual pedaling). Neither it has to carry the rider’s weight.

Moreover, the only aim of this precise machine item is to assist the rider in pedaling.

How You Can Make My Electric Bike Motor Long Lasting

Let’s come to the point, is there any way by which we can enhance the lifespan of an ebike motor? Yes, certainly few are there! We can give you some tips-following which improve the motor efficiency with its longevity.

Here they are-

  • Never allow your ebike motor to become wet! A wet condition forces the motor to face easy and quick corrosion. You might know already; rust formation occurs when the machine parts come close to the moisture or water.
  • Never allow a dirty motor or greasy motor surroundings.
  • Temperature more than 100 degrees Fahrenheit can damage any advanced parts of your ebike. If you want to keep alive the motor for long enough, avoid exposing it to a high temperature.
  • Always lubricate all the moving objects of the electric bike. The moving parts are chain, gear, bearing, etc. If these parts work properly, the electric motor has to put minimum afford to drive the bike.
  • Allow on-time maintenance and period of service of your ebike (obviously with the electric motor). If there is any malfunction, take the necessary action as early as possible.
  • While you are on a long vacation-either in an exam break, or summer off-road vacation. We suggest never putting the electric bike with less than 50 percent electric battery charge. If the battery stays in charge all time-passively it impacts the electric motor to work less.
  • At your electric cycle rest time, do not allow a hundred percent rest for it! Keep moving (even for 5 or 10 minutes) so that your motor does not forget to smooth work consistently!
  • Ensure an on-time and accurate calibration of the motor and another controller of your electric bike. Stooping the calibration can result in these parts becoming over hot (finally melting in the extreme condition).

Which Electric Motor Last Longer?

All electric motors can last longer if you could properly take care of them. Still, motor types are diverse! All users have a scope to select comparatively the best one. In between all motor types, Direct Drive Hub Motors are most popular with a long-lasting service.

The reason for the long-lasting of Direct Drive Hub Motor is-firstly this motor never has to face the outer environment. It is placed either on the front wheel or the Rear-wheel and directly assists the bike motion. The working mechanism of this motor type also is very good-insider spinning and utilizing the magnetic attraction.

Which Electric Motor Last Longer

Interestingly, Direct Hub Motor doesn’t feature any moving portion except the bearing. Therefore, it is exceptionally durable and long-lasting.  However, we are writing about direct hub motor that doesn’t mean others motor types are not durable. On basis of your usage pattern and the terrain type-every, an ebike motor could serve you long.

We have come almost to the end of our today’s session. So the last but not the least question-which factors usually impact the lifespan of the Electric Bicycles motor? Two major things are responsible for the premature damage of the motor item. These two are overheating and rust formation.

Overheating- How to stop that? How does it happen? When you ride at a higher speed, you have to give high power. Right? Increasing the motor power causes it to experience overheating. Top much power, too much heating. It does not happen for all motor, not for all brands, and not regularly, we are telling the worst cases here.

However, to stop overheating what do you need to do? Stop applying too much power on your ebike motor? Seriously! Huh!! An on-time calibration and accurate calibration of the motor (controller as well) is the only solution in that case. If you can do it properly, it will stop the chance to become so hot of the motor and the controller.

Do you know how to calibrate the ebike motor and the controller? If you don’t know, there are lots of dealerships/bike repairing shops/bike technicians placed surrounding you. Just pick any suitable of them.

The remaining is rust formation. It is a piece of very basic knowledge; rust formation is likely due to moisture contact. Riding in wet/rainy weather, living in a wet climate, are the main reason why the motor might become rusty.  Anyhow, the motor bearing faces the moisture or water for too long, it becomes rusty and stops the motor function.

The better idea is-keep the ebike clean and dry regularly. If possible, allow the drying of your ebike after each wet riding.

What About The Ebike Motor Maintenance?

Yes, you have some control over the lifespan of your ebike motor. Regular maintenance is one of your key moves, by which the motor longevity can proceed further.

What About The Ebike Motor Maintenance

Proper maintenance consists of-

  • Proper and perfect cleaning and drying of the ebike (including the bike motor as well). Removal of any dirt, debris (accumulating on the drivetrain) smooths the motor function. Also never underestimate the power of proper drying of the ebike. If it is properly dried, the motor never dares to meet the moisture or water.
  • While you are taking care of the bike, or charging the electric bike-don’t do it in direct sunlight.
  • Applying chain oil tremendously impacts the motor parts. An easy and smooth function of the chain, bearing ensure the motor also will work smoothly. If you have one traditional bike, lubricating in this same manner also could smoothen its performance.
  • Regular service with frequent maintenance helps each ebike motor to last longer.

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You cannot stop the general wear & tear of any parts of your electric bike. Whether it is an electric motor, or an electric battery-all are inevitable! What you can do is-avoid overheating, proper cleaning and drying of the electric motor, and proper maintenance of the whole electric bike.

If you read the whole session on how long does an electric bike motor last-now it is your time to be a fun digger, adventure hunter with your incredible electric bike.