How Fast Can an Electric Bike Go? Know the speed of all classes E-bikes!

How Fast Do Electric Bikes Go?

Let me first explain the speed of any regular pushbike. The speed of such a bike relies on the amount of energy you can put by your legs on both pedals. So there is no specific speed limit on such a manual rider. How much you can push on the pedal, measures the speed.

The more push on the pedals, the more speed. So you are manually controlling the speed of a regular bicycle. The full control of these normal bikes goes on your hands and legs, (both on handling and pedaling).

However, in the case of the “Pedelec’’-they are not alike to the Traditional Bike. These bikes are programmed with a specific up to speed so that user can optimize their smooth driving with a safe speed. And the motor added with the e-bike, control this programmed speed at the time of each ride.

Unlike Regular bikes, all Electric Bikes go faster depending on the Electric Motor added with the ebike. Not only the Electric Motor, but the battery is also important here. How faster or how long you can ride with your Electric bike, passively depends on the Single Charge of the Electric Bike Battery as well.

The maximum Power of your ebike usually determines the fastest speed. And some major concerns, like-The Terrain type, Motor Size, Motor Capacity, Battery Charge, etc. are the main key to measuring the speed limit of all e-bikes.

So, now let me give the to-the-point answer of our today’s Question How fast can an electric bike go! The answer is, though it depends on the bike’s brands but the average maximum speed for the Pedelec is-20mph.

Different Classes of Electric Bikes & how Fast Can Each Classes Electric Bikes Go?

A normal bike that runs on manual power doesn’t have to follow too much street law like the bike run by Electric Power has to follow! An Electric Assist bike always can give higher kilometers Per Hour compared with all traditional bikes.

Interestingly, in the USA E-bikes are categorized into three categories. Class-1, Class-2, Class-3 are those three category. So you may want to know how these bikes are categorized. Based on the Wattage, Speed, Mode of Operation-this categorization is made. Let’s now explain the speed of each three classes of E-bikes.

How Fast Can Each Classes Electric Bikes Go

Usually, Class 1 E-bikes and Class 2 E-Bikes feature less speed compared with the Class 3 E-Bikes.


These E-bikes feature a normal motor that is switched on when the user pushes on the pedal. A pedal-assist-mode is the main operational mode of this category’s bikes. That means until you push the pedal it can’t run even using the motor or electricity.

However, the average speed of such E-Bikes is 20mph. But you have to add the motor with a max wattage of 750W to get this bike speed. The class-1 electric bike has some advantages of battery saving and longer mileage riding.


If you want to ride 20miles/hour using your e-bikes, you have to purchase one Class-2 bike for yourself. The class-2 bike features a throttle that offers an advanced level system. Users need to push the button or grip the throttle system to activate itself. Usually, this part is added to the bike handlebar. However, Most women usage the e-bike from class-2.

The average speed for such classes bikes is are-15miles/hour. At an advanced level, the speed can go up to 24 miles/hour.


Electric bikes from this category run using a motor. And most of these bikes usage a motor with 750W power. Electric bikes from the class-3 category offer a high speed of 28mph. Maintaining the specific rules and regulations, class-3 E-bikes only are eligible for people ages up to 17. Even, the user might need a motor license with some other requirements to use one class-3 electric bike.

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Do You Need A High Speed From Your E-Bike?

If you are an exceptional bike user who wants to be effortless but want to go a longer distance, an e-bike with a top speed is for you. E-bike with electric driving system gives an advanced level riding for the up-level bicycle user.

The easy matter of the speedy e-bike is, you don’t need to push too much on your pedal, just you need to use the pedal-assist mode-and remaining will automatically come on the display panel.

Do You Need A High Speed From Your E-Bike
ebike rider

Whatever, how fast can an electric bike go it determine some other related matter too! If you think sharp, how fast you want to go, and which types of e-bikes do you need also two important considerations to determine the speed at your Pedelec! A high speed could give you a lot of fun and enjoyment, but it also could cause an accident in your body.

Therefore, fixing an appropriate bike speed is mandatory for your enjoyment but it should come in a safe and secured way. And if you ask our opinion, we do not suggest 15mph for the fresher or the mid-level e-bike users.

Speed Of Regular Push Bicycle Vs. Electric Bicycle:

There is no doubt the e-bike offers a greater and consistent speed compared with a manual push bicycle. A manual bicycler, when riding on the bicycle, operates this based on manual pedaling and handling. Manual power is not automatic, so deploy according to the tiredness of the bicycler. Therefore, a manual bi-cycle merely can give a consistent higher speed to its rider.

Speed Of Regular Push Bicycle Vs. Electric Bicycle

In contrast with this manual bicycle. E-bicycle is greater with consistent power and speed which comes from the motor and battery attached with each “Pedelec’’.

Though it does not need to explain how fast an e-bike can go compared with a normal cycle. Still, we can see a report of University of Tennessee’s Relates with an E-bikes speed is-

E-bikes are greater with a higher speed (relatively 3mph) than any conventional bi-cycle that operates manually.

Whenever a pedal bike can go with a maximum speed of up to 10 to 14mph (for the newbie). Upon a few days of training, the speed increases higher up to 15 to 20mph.  And interestingly, upon some months of consistent training, plus doing Jim properly, the speed even high up to 25 to 30mph.

Now let’s know

How Fast Do Electric Pushbikes Go?

Interestingly e-bikes are not without any speed restriction like the normal push cycle.  Manual cycle operations do not need to face any speed restriction in any state. But to add a safety precaution in the USA you will have to follow some speed regulations on your electric bikes.

And that the speed is, 28mph.  But the speed could be higher up to 40mph, for some advantage level e-Pedelec.  Bear the things very clearly, this speed is illegal and very unsafe for each e0bikes rider on the road. So very careful about this speed.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the Top Speed of an E-Bike?

20mph is the average top speed for most e-bikes. But some advanced levels e-bike can give the speed more than 20mph-i.e.28mph. Only the advanced level e-bike, with a powerful motor, can give the speed of 28mph.

How fast do electric bikes go without pedaling?

Electric bikes without pedaling run using the motor which directly Propels The bikes. However, the speed of such e-bikes also is specific up to 20mph. If you turn off the motor, you can reach the bike speed as per your manual pedaling.

Aren’t Electric Bikes are heavy? Does the heaviness of this bike impact the final speed?

As some extra components are added to the electric bike, so it might give you a heavy feel. But when you will ride any of these bikes, believe me, you will get a heavenly feel with the speed and operational mode of this bike. Weight only becomes a matter if you need to lift your bike, otherwise, it never becomes a matter of headache.

Which e-bike is the fastest?

The Top 3.0 is the top fastest according to Forbes. It has been the Fastest E-bike worldwide because it offers a speed of 50mph. Could you imagine the speed of 50mph? It is almost like passing 80km per hour!

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