How Fast Can A 36v Electric Bike Go?

If you want to know the most popular transport traction in the USA, an electric bike is the most popular option. People from all classes, child to the older-everyone can ride over this.

Although its an new attraction to draw the new audience, its a pretty confusion about the speed of all classes ebikes.

How fast an ebike can go? Especially how fast can a 36v electric bike go? Before starting an adventure with your new 36v cycle, lets examine about the speed of it.

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How Fast Can A 36v Electric Bike Go?

A 36v electric bike can go approximately 20 to 40 miles until it finishes its single charge.  You may wonder why the range differs so widely? Because the speed depends on how much you weigh on your e-bikes. 36-volt electric bikes are Class 3 E-bikes, so the maximum speed needs to maintain the street law at first. It can speed the bike up to 16 mph.

How Fast Can a 36v Electric Bike Go

How Does A 36Volt Battery Provide Faster Speed To Run An Electric Bike?

Batteries are the lifeblood for all motor-powered Electric bikes. Each brand’s electric bicycle comes with a specific voltage range. A 36 volt e-bike is also the same. It can deliver the e-bike a great power up to 42-30V. A user often compares both the 32 volt and the 48-volt batteries to find the best suitable for them. Interestingly, a 36-volt battery is cheaper, user-friendly, and perfect even for the newbie.

Cyclists, who want to ride on flat terrain, can suitably go with a 36Volt battery. However, riding on a rough surface needs relatively more powerful batteries. So, you can buy the 48Volts batteries at a higher cost in that case.

However, never blame only the 36-volt batteries to ride 20-40 miles of area. A 36-volt battery can provide you enough power to ride a faster speed to a long flat terrain. But besides the 36 voltage power on your bike’s batteries, you also need to focus on some other factors. Those factors determine the speed of your 36v electric bike.

How Does A 36Volt Battery Provide Faster Speed To Run An Electric Bike
36volt ebike battery


You may be slim, but the weight you are carrying on your bicycle is not only your weight. Consider all additional weight to determine the speed and the range of your electric Pedelec. A slim cyclist can go almost 40 miles riding on a 36v electric bike.

On the other hand, if you are carrying a heavy weight on your e-bikes, or if you are too heavy in weight you will be able to go on around 20 miles riding on your 36voltage electric bike.


A flat surface is like heaven for all average cyclists. If you are in love with hiking with your e-bikes, then the word could be a little bit different. Rough trails pull more power whereas a flat terrain demands fewer powers from each e-bikers. And here also comes the weight of the riders. Your 36voltage e-bike will pull you up on rough terrains even if you’re a slim rider.

Fact is, riding more against the gravitational force will pull more electric power from your pedal bike. Ultimately it will impact on the battery life, deploy the battery efficiency, and will give you a huge resistance feel.


A controller is all about regulating the power or watts of your bicycle. So the controller with lower watts (than the battery), gives less power. In that case, no matter how you push on the pedal, it will never give a high speed.

On the contrary, a controller with high watts will lead to overheating. So add a suitable controller which can adjust with your power watts (ideally said on your battery).


36voltage electric bicycle suitably can cover the terrain and range you are demanded to. This e-bikes are perfect for the riding experience who hardly like to put leg effort.

When your objective is to smooth riding on a flat terrain, 36 could be a good option. The main thing is your riding purpose. Whether it is on flat terrain, long miles, or hiking purpose, directly impacts the speed of your 36 volt bikes.

Figure Out: How Fast Can an Electric Bike Go?

Let’s Understand the Volts, Amps, and Watts for a 36v Electric Bike:

Let’s make you understand about the Volts and Amps. To put simply, Volt is the Electric Energy that measures the speed of your electric bicycle. Amp is all about the forces of your electric bikes.

Generally, the more volts your e-bike has, it can go faster accordingly. If you want a higher amp on your Pedelec, you will need a more powerful Gauge Wire combined with a Larger Battery.

Let you clearly understand what the combination of these two made. Yes, the combination of Amps with the Voltage made the Watt. The high speed e-bicycle can capture a high range. Doing this automatically needs the presence of high volt batteries beside with a powerful electric motor.

However, Amp Hours is another term (usually within 10-20amp) expressed by Ah, used to define the sustainity of the battery against a fixed number of the Amps.

Let see the below table to better understand the relationship between the Watts, Volts, and the Amperes:

Voltage (Expressed by V) Ampere-Hours (Expressed as Ah) The Watts (Expresses by W)
36 Volt 10 to 15 360 to 540 (By multiplying the voltage with the ampere)
48 Volt 10 to 40 480 to 1920 (By multiplying the voltage with the ampere)

What is the Range for a 36v E-Bike?

Bicycle Range is like the mileage which makes the difference of a pedal-assist electric bike from a traditional bike. The range of the e-bike usually represents the power it owes. All e-bike from different models have a different range.

How long you can go within an hour by single charge, said about the coverage range of your electric bike. The Range will cover the distance until the battery charge drops at a critical level, or becomes absolutely zero.

Suppose you have an e-bike that has a power of 750W per hour. So here the range is 750 W per hour. The fact is you can consume all the voltage to cover the offered range by your electric cycle. And if you could save the voltage, it would cover a long distance.

A 36V e-bike covers the range of 22 miles (36km) at 10ah capacity.


Electric Bike Batteries are like the powerhouse that allows to ride as per the said watts on each brand. Riders of a 36 v electric bike also contain enough power to cover a broader range for both the newbie and experienced riders.

However, the battery is not everything to measure the speed of your bike. Both the battery and the motor power determine the driving force of the electric bikes.

Even riding with the advanced Pedelec at a high speed, causes the battery life to deploy soon. Gaining the max speed from E-Bike Batteries also impacts its motor too.

It’ll give you a higher speed with long-range coverage if you ride on flat terrain with your 36v one. Affording the hassles with these electric bikes will provide less.

This is how we cover the discussion on how fast can a 36v electric bike go! Hope you have enjoyed today’s article.

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