Do Electric Bikes Make Noise? – Explained!

E-bikes are the most popular means of transportation with tons of features and benefits. You can use them for regular commuting, road trips, and outdoor adventure beyond any surface. However, recently some people complained about one of their downsides, asking – “do electric bikes make noise?”.

Most bikers consider it normal, while other riders find the noise irritating, especially while roaming and enjoying nature at peaceful moments. So, we’re here to talk about the issues, reasons, and solutions you should know.

Look no further! Our ebike experts will guide and explain everything about them. Stay with us. We’ll reveal the secrets!

Do Electric Bikes Make Noise? – Explained!

Despite lots of advantages and popularity, e-bicycles have a few drawbacks. A bit of engine sound during operation is one of them. The sound may come from another part as well. So, the answer is yes.

Do Electric Bikes Make Noise

Yes, electric bikes make some noise. On average, they produce up to 60dbA to 80dbA level of sound. Most of the sounds commonly come from the motor, chain, tires, or other spares. However, an ebike with higher quality materials tent to make lower noise than regular and traditional ones.

Hence, riding e-bikes in relatively heavy traffic areas and public surroundings seems to deliver a silent and comfortable experience. The sound you hear only in a quiet place like jungle and mountains roads.

Why Do E-Bikes Make a Noise? – The Reasons

As a general rule of thumb, you can hear the noises from your motor and the bike’s tires. Besides, the chain, pedals, and brakes can produce such sound, especially when these components are damaging. Of course, after a long time of usage.

We’ll discuss these components in detail to see where the noises come from. You can find more than one reason, so here they are:

1. Noise from a motor

Starting the motor is necessary if you’re riding an e-bike with a pedal-assist or throttle e-mode. The motors generate power and spin very fast to run the wheel, so you hear a noise from it. However, the level of noise depends on the motor quality. Some high-quality motors make comparatively less sound.

Why Do E-Bikes motor Make a Noise - get solutions of Noise from motor

Although, the natural sound of the motor doesn’t affect your riding performance at all. On the contrary, if the manufacturer runs low-quality motor results in louder noise. Almost every engine can make a sound if they get wet, rusty, or damaged. So, maintenance is also essential to protect from unwanted noises.

2. Noise from the tires

The tires of your electric bike can also make some noise. Mainly the noise is from tire spin or landing portion on the road. Sometimes they both are responsible. So, you don’t worry about those strange sounds, including squeaks and creaks.

This is to say, some fat tire bikes create relatively louder sounds than the regular ones. As they’ve unique tire patterns that may produce wired noise, sometimes.

3. Noise from chain

Your bike chain also produces noise, especially when they get dirty and rusty. Sometimes, the lube you used dried. Therefore, clean it properly and apply lubrication properly to minimize the noise level. A chain also can be noisy when it’s becoming loose. Plus, it bounces up or touches the chainstay cover.

Why Do E-Bikes chain Make a Noise - how to fix Noise from chain

Experts call it ‘chain slap,’ which happens to the mountain and some regular bikes. You can fix these issues by replacing the chainstay or tightening the chain.

4. Noise from pedals

Sometimes, you’ve to ride the bike in pedal-assist or humans effort mode, especially while the battery is running out of charge. Once you can hear a creaking sound from the pedals, it usually happens when they get rusty and dry.

Keep the pedals clean and lubricate routine-wise to fix and minimize the intensity of the noise.

5. Noise from brakes

Safety systems like brake caliper and lever create may also produce noise. It happens when the pad and caliper aren’t correctly aligned with the rotor. Besides, you may hear a screeching sound while pressing the lever. All you need are some kits that include a wrench and some lube.

How Do I Silence My Electric Bike? – Solution

We’ve somehow tried to find out the root cause of noise from different parts of an electric bike. Well! Now it’s the time to silence and fix those particular problems with proper steps.

First of all, you’ve to identify the causes by checking parts. Then you should align or clean the contaminated components properly. Apply a suitable lube or replace the damaged parts where required. Most ebikes are prone to create wired noise from the pedals, brakes, and bearings.

What Are The Quietest e-Bikes?

The ones that come with a Bosch Active Line Plus motor drive unit are the quietest ebikes. They are made up of a direct drive motor gearbox, controller, and sensor, so the engine produces a slight noise.

Another impressive thing about these bikes also has good quality braking mechanism, including a lever, pad, and caliper. The motor noise, chain noise, and mechanical noise are pretty quiet in them as compared to other electric bicycles.

On the other hand, the direct-drive motor creates a bit louder noise than the mid-drive motor and geared hub motor. It depends on types of motors as well.

How Long Does Ebikes Last?

An ebike can last for nearly 8 to 10 years on average. It can be more or less from the lifespan depending on several factors, including model, brands, and the quality materials. Besides, it’s also possible to take this lifetime higher through regular maintenance and cleaning.

However, an e-bike with a high-quality motor, battery, and other raw material can last a long time than life expectancy.

Last Word

We hope you have a clear answer to the – ‘do electric bikes make noise’. In short, they’re pretty quiet and produce almost no sound. The noise level depends on many factors, including the motor type & quality, chain, and pedal. However, that sound level may increase because of the bike conversion kit method.

So, if you’re going to convert from a regular bike to an electric bike, consider the motor quality and sound intensity. You should also consider it before getting a new one. Although a few people notice these issues whereas others face almost no inconvenience.