How To Convert Your Folding Bike Into A Folding Racing Bike?

Imagine you have a folding bicycle for regular commuting. But, what if it would go farther and faster over the horizon as a folding racing bike? Sounds cool? Yes, it’s possible to travel a long way with a simple setup and transformation to your regular or conventional bikes.

All you need to have is a motor, kit set, tools, and proper knowledge of converting a folding bike into a racing bike. This conversion means you’re bringing some change to your bike with minimal functionalities.

Don’t fret! Look no further. We’re here to share everything you need throughout the conversion procedures in this article.

Why Convert Your Folding Bike Into A Racing Bike?

Converting from a regular bike into a folding e-bike has numerous benefits and conveniences in your daily life. You can enjoy faster, more efficient, lightweight, and convenient commuting. Besides, it would provide cycling on paved surfaces, mountain areas, sandy beaches, and other rugged roads.

This is to say; foldable bikes are also referred to as road bike, mountain bikes, sports bike, sometimes. The reasons would be their versatile functionalities and usage in our daily lives, such as city commuting, exercising, or outdoor activities.

How To Convert Your Folding Bike Into A Folding Racing Bike

To convert your folding bike into a folding racing bike, you have to know about the types of motors, kits, and other tools required as a DIYer. Besides, you’ve to see the motor’s position and what engine suits your bicycle the best for the conversion process. The conversion kits and DIYer tools are also crucial.

When it’s about a racing e-bike, you’ve THREE(3) different options for motor placement, including front hub, central hub, and rear hub electric motor. Here, we’ll be discussing the terms we mentioned above one after another, such as the motor types, positions, functions, and their benefits:

Convert Your Folding Bike Into A Folding Racing Bike

1.Front Hub Motor

This is one of the most popular motor placement positions in recent days, with numerous advantages. It relives the chain, the load of the motor, and funnels power right to the front wheel of your bike. Besides, the front hub motors make your bike an all-wheel vehicle since they deliver motor power to the front.

And to the back wheel with the help of your leg. This is our choice for converting a folding bike into a racing bike. If you ask me why then I would say about the foldability while folding such a bike. It saves your motor, wires, or from damaging any parts while you’re traveling with it.

2.Rear Hub Motor

The most common ebike motor position with lots of hipe nowadays. Now, it’s been the most popular option for motorized bikes and for a customizable bike as well. Usually, relatively heavier bikes that rely on rear-wheel power and need to move forward with leg efforts use this type of motor.

Rear Hub Motor for Converting Folding Bike Into A Folding Racing Bike

In that case, the battery is located at the just back of the saddle position. Alternatively to the near the rear wheel resulting from a little heavier weight of the rear wheel. The big advantage of this motor is it delivers a natural feeling, smooth, and comfortable ride experience. Plus, they don’t chain down but drive power directly into the rear wheel. And your bike chain usually absorbs output power load from your leg.

However, despite the benefits, there are some drawbacks too. For example, you’ve to buy the specific wheel design to adjust, in the case of the rear hub motor. There is another problem, especially while you’re going to change the rear wheel and it’s a time-consuming and difficult task.

3.Central Hub Motor

The central hub motor is to place in order to maintain a balance or weight distribution. It also improves the stability of the bike, especially when you’re cycling in the off-road area. The reason for this facility is simply a lower center of gravity. They’re compatible with almost any kind of wheels and tires in the market.

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Conversion Tools You Need

You will require some tools in the conversion process. In this process, you’ll definitely read blogs, listen to podcasts, or watch videos on the internet. But, after all these resources we’re here to share the tool names and descriptions in this section.

Today, our team will focus on powered wheels since it’s easier to program than purchasing one or affix drive unit. Besides, we’re going to name a wide range of bicycle tools and kits, they’re:

SL. No. Name of Tools
1 Wrench and Hex key wrench
2 Screwdriver(Flat and Philips head)
3 Folding tool
4 Chain rivet extractor
5 A crank extractor
6 Tire lever(s)
7 A spanner
8 Lockring remover

In addition, you may need a freewheel, remover tool, and some 7-8 inch socket, sometimes.

Different Conversion Kits For Folding Racing Electric Bikes

You have to select the right conversion kit for the process of setting up a motor with the folding bike. This is to say, you’ll find tons of conversion kits in the market right now but only the appropriate one is to buy for your bike’s wheel. Look for the 16-inch wheels or 20-inch wheels before ordering the perfect folding bike formation.

They come with almost every tool you need to make an electric cycle. Here are the popular folding bike conversion kits. We’ve listed some names of them:

SL. No. Name of Conversion Kit
1 Front or rear-geared hub
2 Rear or front motor
3 Wheel-set/pack
4 Rims.
5 Tire and tube
6 A battery pack with/without BMB(Battery Management System)
7 Charging adapter
8 Controller motor
9 Pressure grip throttle
10 Controller throttle, and so on

Do You Need Other Modifications To Your Folding Bike?

It depends on the type of bike and taste, but it’s not necessary to bring any other modification to the bike. You need not actually if you choose proper tools and kits and follow the proper instructions. Remember, the conversion to your bike should be easy, labor-intensive, time-consuming, cost-effective, and minimal.

Last Words

This is all how you can convert your folding bike into a folding racing bike. Now, you can start the conversion process, since you provided all the information about the motors, tools, and kits. We know that you need to gather more knowledge from the internet and youtube videos. All you have to find the right set of instructions with hands-on experience.

You need to keep an eye on the following articles so we can explain and elaborate the entire process practically. Our team will come up with another post with a practical video tutorial for you. Till then, stay with us