Can I Use a Folding Bike for Climbing Hills?

Bikes and e-bikes are the most popular commuting options nowadays. And you don’t have to be a big fan of a bike to know how it impacts our mental and physical health. Of course, in a positive and effective manner and this is only possible because of their versatility and conveniences.

The foldability is one of the crucial features that allows a better portability for carrying it to another place. Besides, they can go on different terrains and roads. However, most people often ask, can I use a folding bike for climbing hills? Our answer to this question is, yes. But, in this article, we’re going to write about it in detail.

Without waiting time with gossip, let’s get to our explanation.

Can I Use A Folding Bike For Climbing Hills?

Yes, you can use a folding bike for climbing hills if you’re living in a hilly area. Plus, cycling can be a very exciting activity to push your physical limitations with lots of fun. Today, the electric bikes come in front to enhance pedal power that allows climbing steep hills very easily. They climb almost any hill with the motor and battery driven engines.

Can I Use A Folding Bike For Climbing Hills

Is It Hard To Ride A Folding Bike For Climbing Hills?

To put simply, the climbing ability mostly depends on TWO(2) main things. They are the lowest gear you’ve and the pedaling capability. Low gears allow you to sustain while climbing uphills with less exertion. But, it’s important to look at the gear when getting a folding bike. A good folding bike with lower gear can easily climb a steep hill.

Another big challenge is the safety issues including tires, brakes, and shock absorbance etc especially while dealing with steeper hills. These safety mechanisms will make your hill climb reliable, stable, smooth, and easier. You’ll have varieties of bikes called electric bikes, mountain electric bikes, and folding electric bikes.

Tips For Climbing Hill With A Folding Bike

Here, we’re going to share some tips that you should keep in mind while riding a steep hill. Hope they would help you:

Tips For Climbing Hill With A Folding Bike


We all know the importance of the gear, it plays a vital role to ride uphill with less effort. All you’ve to do is choose a low gear to climb a steep hill and that makes your job very easy.  The lower gear you use the larger cog it uses that provide a strong driving force to th up. So, make sure your bike has a lower gears facility in it.

Positive Attitude

Attitude + effort = success. So, always keep a positive attitude in your mind while starting to climb. Stay motivated and face the challenge on every step on the hill. It’ll also help you keep moving forward. To achieve this motivation you should practice regularly to increase the confidence level, of course from a smaller to giant one.

Breathing control

Practice makes a man perfect! When it comes to practicing, you should have a habit to control your breath that helps you to get the best results and climbing ability. This practice would improve your muscle and breathing steady in extraneous moments. Another effective way to improve breathing is to keep your body and chest to sustain more oxygen to your lungs.

Choose Your Turns Carefully

Take each turn very carefully. Try to take it from the outer side of the path you’re riding on. In this case, there is a possibility to lose less momentum, it helps your co-riders too. Another thing you should do is to put less pressure on the handlebar for a smooth landing.

Standing Position

Most of the mountain bikers stand in the pedan while climbing up, it’s an unsafe practice sometimes. Try to put less pressure on the pedals when you’re reaching the top. If needed, you can sit on the saddle on a relatively even surface.

What Kind Of Folding Bike Is Best For Climbing Hills?

There are varieties of bikes that can go on steep hills, but for a beginner a 1000 bucks folding ebike is enough. However, you should look for some criteria as well. The bikes come with a 34 tooth chainring along with the 30 tooth sprocket would be ideal for getting the best result.

In addition, try to look for one with around 20-inch bottom gear mechanism. It will carry you no matter how heavy or less weight a rider has.

Why Choose A Folding Bike For Climbing Hills?

You might ask why to choose a folding bike over other stereotype models that offer similar features too. But, they offer numerous advantages to you. Here they’re:

  • Hassle-free Storage: Yes, they provide you a hassle free storage facility. You can store the folding bicycles in a small space if you live in a tiny house. Thanks to their compact size as they occupy less space.
  • Transportability: On top of that, you can take them anywhere just by putting inside the cars, SUVs, van, metro, bus, etc. The collapsible or foldable structure has made it possible. Now, you can enjoy vacation, road trips, and many outdoor adventures. They fit inside your vehicle cabinet easily.
  • Nature Friendly: They’re very nature friendly. Yes, most folding ebike come with battery driven engines so they reduce use of fossil fuel carbon emission. Carbon is killing our planet gradually, they can contribute to bring a balance on our nature and climate change. So, it’s our responsibility to increase the use of electric transportation.

These are the core benefits of using a foldable bike besides few others. You’ll also have fun, health benefits, peace of mind, and so on.

Final Words

This is all about your question, can I use a folding bike for climbing hills? We’ve discussed all about the folding bike and how you can climb a steep hill with notable steps. All you have to do is to choose a perfect folding ebike that comes with some characteristics.  The chain tooth and gear mechanism are the main player here to drive on a mountain area.

If you want to learn more about the folding bike please do read out other articles too. We’ll guide you to make purchase decisions with our reviews and buying guide.