How to Choose Best Fat Tire Folding Electric Bike in 2022!!

You’ll rarely find a person who doesn’t love to ride an electric bicycle. What about you? Of course it’ll be an excellent, fast, and favorite commuting option for you. Today, most of the people also ride an electric bike as an outdoor sport and adventure.

However, you need the best fat tire folding electric bike to rule the off roads and mountain area. Fat tires enhance traction and stability in almost any terrain. They also provide a good transport option and portability, especially while going adventure or camping. And the foldable one is there to provide convenience, transportability and movability.

Not only that, they also deliver a limitless performance on unpaved surfaces, trails, sandy roads, snowy grounds, and jungle tracks. We’ve researched and found some suitable options out there from hundreds of products.

Let’s explore the best fat tire folding electric bike with an in-depth product review.

What Are The Benefits Of Fat Tires Folding E-bike?

Before you start with the review let’s know some key benefits of a fat tire folding ebike. Here they’re:

Benefits Of Fat Tires Folding E-bike

Compatible With Different Weather

The first thing you’ll love about the fat tire folding bike is its adaptability. They’re adaptable or compatible with different weather conditions, especially when you want to perform workout and outdoor activity. Its fat width tires help to get better traction and stability on even toughest slippery roads.

So, you can climb the mountain area effortlessly with this much traction power. The balance of a fat tire bicycle is relatively superb than a regular electric bike. Thus, it ensures suitability on various grounds.


They’re versatile. Yes. The wide fat tire e-bikes show their versatility regardless of terrain. You can ride them on varieties of road and surface without compromising comfort and performance. This is only possible because of their design structure and adaptability. Therefore, they can go any sort of ground and terrain.

Easy & Comfortable

Another big advantage of riding a fat tire bike is they’re easy to ride and comfortable. Most of the wheel tires are made of extra elastic rubber materials and low pressure mechanism. As a result, you get a shock absorbance and suspension facility to make your journey more smooth and comfortable.

And they bring an easy and ideal solution to ride on rugged mountain areas, off roads, trails, and sandy beaches. No matter what your riding skill level is because it delivers lots of power and stability. Thus, it improves your confidence level if you’re a novice player in this game.

Adventure & Fun

You can go for an adventure with a fat tire folding electric bike since it is tough as nails. So, you’ve nothing to worry about climbing rugged terrain. No matter how snowy or slippery your roads are. The tire pattern and safety mechanism help you to climb challenging paths to enjoy the fun of adventure.

Health & Fitness

They have excellent health benefits too. Yes, you can keep your health and mind fit as they offer manual riding mode besides the pedal assistance pre e-Modes. There are some specific models that offer extra exercise to enhance your capability in downhill and uphills areas.

You can eliminate different podiatric problems since they have manual and pedal-assist modes. These TWO(2) working modes help to put a sound effort on your legs.

Low Maintenance

The fat tire folding bikes are very easy to maintain than the other regular electronic bikes in the market. This is only because of their high-end materials including, motor, battery, and safety technologies. Therefore, they’re likely to have less maintenance issues in the service period.

What Are The Best Fat Tire Folding Electric Bike – [A Quick Summary]

If you’ve less time to read the whole review section here is a 30 second summary. Look at the product here too.

10 Best Fat Tire Folding Electric Bike Reviews [Let’s Explore]

Now, it’s time to get one. But, choosing the best fat tire folding electric bike can be a little difficult and time consuming for you. Therefore, our experts have done in-depth research to help with the review before you decide. Here we go!

Let’s get started with the reviews!

Best Fat Tire Folding Electric Bike

1. Overall Best : ECOTRIC Fat Tire Electric Folding Bike

Are you looking for a robust folding electric bike that provides you with maximum safety and high performance? Worry no more! The ECOTRIC electric folding bike is here to move around on any terrains since it offers genuine fat tires and safety materials. It also ensures an advanced level of security with tons of features and their benefits.

Now matter what your riding skill level is or on what ground you prefer. Here are some the main features:

ECOTRIC Fat Tire Electric Folding Bike


First of all, the tires. This ECOTRIC electric bike offers fashionable fat tires(20 inch*4 inch wider) with robust innertubes. Therefore, it can go on any terrain, including snowy areas, sandy beaches, and complex topography. You’ve no fear of slipping since it comes with an anti-slippery anti-skidding pattern on tires.


This foldable electric ebike features a 500w brushless gear motor with high efficiency. Besides, it also runs a SHIMANO-7 speed derailleur technology that provides a maximum of 20 mph on regular(even) terrain. You’ll feel a lighter, quicker, and smooth riding experience.


A 36v(12.5Ah) removable lithium battery lets you cover 18-20 miles of distance with the pure e-mode. Alternatively, it’s possible to cross over 35 miles in pedal assist mode. The removable battery has a lock function to ensure anti-theft safety. It needs 6-7 hours to be charged.

Advanced BMS Technology

You’ll also find a BMS(battery management system), a real time monitoring system to prevent different consequences. The protection includes, overcharge, over-release, over voltage, short circuit, and so on.


Like other modern e-bikes, this ECOTRIC mountain electric bicycle has dual mechanical disc(160mm rotor) brakes. The disc brakes are there to ensure your safety, especially while you’re at high speed. It provides instant and accurate braking in adverse weather.

Other Features

Other related features include:

  • Lightweight and foldable structure make it portable and transportable. The frame is made of light aluminum alloy materials.
  • Ergonomic height adjustable seat for your comfort throughout the trip.
  • The UL certification ensures maximum safety and durability for long time use.
  • It features Ecotric Smart LED to monitor that displays different data like speed, mileage, and battery remaining.

When charging the battery does it matter if the key is on or off?

The manufacturer suggests keeping the key turned off when charging. Our experts also recommend turning off the battery key for maintaining the best safety practices. It’s very important, sometimes. However, it has BMS to prevent electricity interference.

Is this wide tire ebike considered a mountain bike?

Yes. We consider this fat tire to ride as a mountain electric bike since its 4 inch wide has such characteristics. The pattern, robust tires, and tube provide that power to climb a mountain area in a proper manner.

Is this wide tire ebike considered a mountain bike?

Yes. We consider this fat tire to ride as a mountain electric bike since its 4 inch wide has such characteristics. The pattern, robust tires, and tube provide that power to climb a mountain area in a proper manner.

How fast does it go?

It delivers 20 to 25 of maximum speed per hour depending on different surfaces.  You may experience a lower speed on rugged terrain due to obstacles like uneven paths, stones, sandy trails, etc.

Why Should You Buy?

This ECOTRIC fat tire would be the best choice if you want to conquer any kind of ground besides various safety technologies. Besides, its lightweight and foldable architecture will be a plus.

2. Best For Long Distance: Heybike Mars Folding Electric Bike

Do you want to rule any kind of roads and streets with a convenient solution? Here is the Heybike Mars fat tire folding ebike to provide that facility with tons of convenience features, impressive mileage, and outstanding performance. You can use this Mars ebike in all seasons no matter how muddy, snowy or sandy your grounds are.

Let’s have a closer look at this 20” fat tire folding electric bike that offers 4-inch width air filled inner tubes.

Heybike Mars Folding Electric Bike


First, let’s talk about its battery and mileage it provides. This is to say, this Heybike foldable electric bike has superb mileage up to 35 to 37 miles as a maximum area coverage. It’s only possible because of its 48 volt/12.5-Ah high capacity lithium battery. Besides, you can go up to 45 to 48 miles of area if you choose the pedal assist mode.


It’s powerful and efficient. This ebike is equipped with a 500-watt rear hub motor that reaches up to 20 mph as a top speed. Besides, the motor adopts efficient torque technology and hits the mountain road, trails, sandy road, etc. There is a 12-magnet(high resolution) cadence sensor technology to enhance starting and stopping accuracy of the engine(motor).

Convenient Design

We found this Heybike Mars electric fat bike very convenient since it offers a foldable and adjustable frame structure. You can fold and adjust it into a small and compact size that makes it more portable and transportable while traveling away.

The foldable frames are made of aircraft grade alloy to make sure durability. So, no more worry while riding on the bumpy roads and tracks.

Wheel (Tires & Tube)

Its 20 inch wheel comes with the 4.0 inch wider tire tires and tubes. The tires also come with anti puncture technology so you can ride on any rough terrain even on a mountain area. Thus, the Heybike Mars fat tire bike offers a wider contact surface and enhances stability on the rugged ground.

Braking System

We found the dual disk braking system very useful in different situations. It offers accurate, reliable, and safe mechanical brake technology to stop the bike at high speed. Our team thinks they should bring a bit of improvement in the braking wiring management.

Shock Absorbance

It delivers a comfortable and smooth trip even on the hilly areas just because of the dual shock absorber. The Heybike Mars mountain ebike adopts a front suspension fork to mitigate the amount of sock your feel on the rough retains.

Other Features

  • The gear technology it features is Shimano 7 speed to support the motor performance.
  • It has three working modes to enjoy various riding to become familiar with the next level of cycling experience.
  • There is a rear rack(carrier) that works as a cargo basket to carry different things.
  • It’s a ready-to-go bike because of its 100 pre-assembled form.

What’s the weight of this bike?

The Heybike Mars comes with 66 pounds(30 kg) of weight. It looks comparatively a bit heavier but in reality you will feel lighter, especially when carrying from one place to another. This e-bicycle is made of a lightweight frame and spears.

Does this bike have any warranty if so, then how?

As per Heybike company rule and regulation they provide a (TWO)2 years warranty that’s mentioned on their website too. Sometimes, they offer 30 days limited warranty in case of fatal issues. Remember, the tires and tubes are not included in the 2-year warranty.

What is the weight limit for this bike

The maximum load it takes up to 330 pounds(150 kg). Don’t be surprised, because the built materials are made up of a high gauge aluminum alloy frame. They ensure safety and durability of the product.

Why Should You Buy?

If you’re looking for an ebike with maximum mileage besides an efficient performance then get this one. The Heybike Mars mountain electric bicycle offers convenience in mileage, portability, and better traction on any ground. It adopts a 48 volt (12.5Ah) battery that goes up to 35-37(eMode) miles and 48 miles in pedal-help.

3. Best For Stylish Design: ECOTRIC Electric Foldaway Bicycle

Enjoy unlimited fun with the most ECOTRIC dolphin folding and stylish ebike. It doesn’t only comes with stylish design but also offers a high performance engine and long-lasting  battery. Apart from that, it also offers plenty of features to make your cycle trip more enjoyable.

Here are some of the features with with their benefits:

ECOTRIC Electric Foldaway Bicycle

Design(Look & Feel)

The named and designed keeping in mind a dolphin shape or architecture. It provides you with perfect curves in the middle portion. Besides, the chubby structure delivers an aesthetic feel and look throughout the whole body. It looks cute and flexible as well.

Performance(Motor & Battery)

Now, let’s talk a little about the speed and mileage. This fat tire folding electric bike 500w motor that is robust and efficient to ride on rough surfaces. The top speed we measured was around 20 Mph on even grounds. You’ve to appreciate the battery(36v/12.5Ah) and mileage that is near about 20 mph.

Wheels(Tires & Tube)

The ECOTRIC dolphin folding e-bike come up with 20*4 inch wide tires and tubes. They have a positive impact on the riding performance, especially while cycling on snowy and hilly areas. You’ll get optimal traction on uneven surfaces, a big thanks to its anti-slippery tire pattern.

Brake System

When it’s about safety, it adopts dual mechanical disc brakes with outage technology. Therefore, you’re safe when pulling the brake lever at mid to high speed. From now on, you don’t have to worry about brake accuracy and safety issues.

How many working modes does it have?

Its THREE(3) riding options keep a great contribution to versatility. You can rely on the working modes depending on your needs. They’re pure electric mode, pedal assist., and traditional modes.

Can it offer a foilable structure?

It’s foldable and portable with a collapsible frame and structure. You can easily fold and carry anywhere you go especially, planning a trip to a remote location. The foldable form allows you to fit the bike inside your car compartment.

What does UL Certification work on?

The UL certified materials demonstrate safety and durability of the bike and take around 200 pounds load. The safety of a product is tested there. It meets all the requirements and standards of the UL certification body.

Why Should You Buy?

The ECOTRIC dolphin e-bike comes with a highly stylish design, folablable facility, and excellent performance. The safety and durability of this bike will be a plus.

4. Best For Powerful Engine: Opeak 26 Inch Foldable Electric Bike

Meet an extremely gorgeous and powerful OPEAK foldable electric bike. It comes with a 750 watt high speed motor and long lasting battery to reach your destination regardless of any surface. Anyone of family can ride safely this 26*4 inch fat tire electric bicycle now.

We’ll have a closer look at the features and advantages of this giant bike, today.

Opeak 26 Inch Foldable Electric Bike

High Speed Motor

First, it runs a 750-watt powerful and high speed motor to gain a top speed of 30-32 Mph(50 km). You’ve 8-speed gear option as well. The peak power can go up to 800 to 1000w of continuous power.

Battery Performance

Besides, it covers a long distance up to 32-34 miles on throttle mode. It’s possible to cross 45 miles with the PAS mode. A big round of applause for the 48 volt battery.

Safety & Reliability

You must be worried about the safety of an ebike, especially when riding on the complex terrain. This Opeak fat tire foldable e-bike has some impressive safety features, including hydraulic disc brake, anti slippery traction tires, and suspension fork, etc. These together ensure a risk free and comfortable cycling.

Foldability & Frame

This Opeak mountain electric bike adopts high-quality aircraft grade alloy frame materials. Therefore, there is nothing to worry about its robustness and quality.

It also comes in a foldable structure, so you can take it anywhere when you move away. All you need to fold, unfold, and hit the street.

Other Features

  • It features an Auto Headlight that lights up you in low light or other dark environments.
  • The Half-twist throttle has an integrated design with a better user experience.
  • An integrated LED screen displays trip, ODO, speed, battery level, power, and assist-level.
  • You’ll get a rear rack(carrier) and mudguards for enjoying additional convenience.
  • It supplies a Mobile phone holder too, you can charge. Although, the cable isn’t included with the holder. It also helps you to navigate unknown locations through map and navigation technology.

What are the extra safety features it provides?

Brakes also include Electric(power) Cut-off function lever option in case of emergencies. It enhances extra safety. Plus, the battery is removable, so you can charge it separately inside the home.

Does this ebike have a waterproof or dustproof facility?

Yes, it has that capability. All the wires and connectors are waterproof. It also comes with the IPX5 waterproof technology to save you from rust and water in extreme situations. So, never be upset if you’ve to run on such ground.

Why Should You Buy?

The Opeak fat tire folding e-bike is an ultimate option for those who want to rule the streets, trails, and mountain roads. Its powerful engine and battery capacity take you to the next level in your adventure.

5. Best For Comfortability: Speedrid Fat Tire Electric Bike

The Speedrid fat tire electric bike is one of the best options if you want to commute on the city street, countryside, or  rocky coastlines. This mountain electric bike has several impressive features to provide maximum pleasure of bike tip. It also packs some exceptional functions that make it stand out one after another. Here they’re:

Speedrid Fat Tire Electric Bike

Shock Absorbance (Tires & Suspension)

You’ll feel less pressure and shock while riding, since it comes with high quality fat tires and shock absorbent suspension technology. This unisex electric bike bring an excellent balance, taction, and stability on any terrains. Thanks to its fat tires that come in an efficient pattern. So, you’ll have comfort throughout the journey.

Strong Motor

Like other powerful bikes, the Speedrid folding ebike is also equipped with a 500w high performance battery. It has strong power and driving force to hit any street regardless of any obstacles. You can gain a maximum speed around 20-25 mph with this much power. Now, you’re one step ahead to climb mountains or off-road areas with 30 degree slopes.

Durable Battery Power

You need a powerful battery to drive the motor fast and steepy. Therefore, the Speedrid brought a solution with its 36-volt(12.5A) durable battery. Now, you can travel a long area you want that is around 25-35 miles at a single charge.


It’s foldable. Yes, the Speedrid electric folding bike offers a great flexibility and convenience, especially while you are making a long trip. This mountain flooding ebike has a foldable structure, so you don’t have to worry about carrying it inside your car. The carbon fiber fork also makes it more light.

Others Feature

  • The updated LCD informs you of your battery level, mileage, and speed level so you can manage and control the bike in a good manner.
  • It also has an ergonomics design along with a rear rack that works as a cargo trolly. The bright LED light is a plus to ride in dark weather.
  • This ebike is also equipped with the SIX(6) speed professional transmission gear system to rule rocky and bumpy surfaces.

What is the weight of this Speedrid bike?

The net weight of the eclectic bike is 59 pounds(approx.). It’s a bit light as the frame and other spears are made up with lightweight materials. Sometimes, you may feel a bit weighty just because of double layer alloy wheel rims and solid rubber tires.

What is the mileage range in 3 modes?

The mileage of this e-bike is around 25 miles in pure eclectic option, 27-35 miles on pedal-assist mode. You can go a few miles in a regular or human effort option. It mostly depends on how much load you’ve on the bike. The surface you’re riding is also responsible for gaining less speed.

Why Should You Buy?

Speedrid fat tire electric bike offers heavy-duty tires and mechanical suspension superb comfortability, stability, and safety. Strong tire patterns and dedicated shock absorbent give you a smooth riding experience.

6. Best For Durability: Aostirmotor Folding Electric Bike

The Aostirmotor presents one of best durable fat tire ebike for regular commuting and outdoor adventure. Besides, it runs strong construction materials and parts to ensure the safety of the riders. Today, we’re going to see some of its functions and impacts on cyclist’s lives.

Aostirmotor Folding Electric Bike

High Quality Materials

You don’t have to worry about the quality of materials, because it offers premium quality aluminum alloy. The frames are collapsible, lightweight, and durable. That’s why, they last for a long time and are rough to use. The Aostirmotor 500 watt electric bike is awesome in that sense.

Wheels & Tires

Usually, bikers are pretty much concerned about their safety. Keeping that in mind, the manufacturer offers 20 inch large anti-slippery fat tires with 4 widths. That is enough to deliver better traction on slippery ground. Now, you can ride it anywhere like snowy roads to muddy yards.

Brake System

The mechanical disc brakes are there to ensure your safety during risky road conditions. They allow you to stop the bike instantly without making any mistake. So, it’s combination of reliable safety features you’ll get together.

Battery & Motor

An enjoyable journey mostly depends on the power it produces. The Aostirmotor foldable ebike put much effort on that. It adopts 36v(13 Ah) battery power and 500w brushless motor to gain maximum result. The motor supports up to 25 mph and goes around 25-30 miles at one recharge.


Of course it’s foldable. You can fold it to make a small shape so you can take this bike right away. The sturdy collapsible frame is the main player here. Plus, it takes a minimal storage space when you’ve to fight with a parking area here and there. In addition, this folding bicycle comes in almost 95% pre-assembled format.

What are the included in the package?

You’ll get the electric bike first. Then, the fenders wrapped in a separate polythene. Further, there are TWO(2) foldable pedals, charging adapter, and user manual. It includes a user manual as well.

Does it feature any LED and mudguard?

Yes. It’s equipped with an 866 LED panel that allows different data stats to manage the bike. You’ll get front and rear mud fenders to prevent dirty splash in snowy ground or rainy season.

Why Should You Buy?

This is the best budget fat tire folding electric bike with sturdy materials like frame, joints, and other safety components. It’s also an impressive folding fat tire electric bike under1000 bucks. So, what are you waiting for then? Get this Aostirmotor 20 inch folding e bike.

7. Best For Daily Commuting: Rattan Folding Electric Bike

Are you looking for an optimal solution for a regular commuting and transport option? Don’t fret! The Rattan folding electric bike is here to meet your demand and needs. You’ll get a complete commuting bike with plenty of integrated features and convenience. It offers a fantastic speed, long-lasting battery, and safety technologies. Let’s meet them one by one.

 Rattan Folding Electric Bike

Motor & Battery Power

This Rattan electric folding bike is able to provide around 20/25 mph as maximum speed with the 500w/750w motor power. It has TWO(2) motor variations with a 48 volt endurance lithium battery. The battery they use can cover a large area that is near about 25-35 miles.

Collapsible Frame

Like most popular ebikes, it also has a collapsible frame to save storage space in the home or car you’ve. You can fold and unfold this e bicycle with some simple steps. The handlebar is foldable as well. Thus it ensures portability.

Multiple Riding Modes

This is often very important to have multiple working options. This is to say, it has 3 riding options too like other modern electric bicycles. You can reach your destination very quickly with the help of pure electric(throttle) mode.

The pedal-assist option would save half of energy and get you some exercise. The last one is the human force or tradition(pedal-only) mode.

Suspension and Tires

You’ve to ride on the bumpy road, sometimes. In this case, The front fork suspension is there to minimize the shock. It works as shock absorbent that gives smooth riding on various tasks. This Rattan bicycle has 3.0 and 4.0 fair tire variation and runs very well.


It’s crucial to stop or control your bike very often, especially while cycling fast. The dual mechanical disc brake won’t disappoint you on the street.

Other Features

  • The IPASS mechanism optimizes your battery life and power factor very efficiently.
  • There are TWO(2) LED flashlights at the rear and front to go around at night or dark weather.

Are the tires robust and safe?

Yes, they’re very safe and strong. The tires are made up of heavy duty rubber so the inner tubes are. Even they’re anti-puncture and anti-slip resistant because of their distinct quality and pattern design.

What is the load capacity of this city commuting bike?

You can take 300 pounds of load at a time, depending on the road condition. If you’re rising on the rough and tough surface then it’s better to take less load less than 300 pounds. Otherwise, it may loosen up joints and nut connections.ONE(1) adult and ONE(1) kids are recommended to ride at a time

Why Should You Buy?

If you’re searching for an ideal option to rule city streets and trails, this Rattan commuting ebike is the best choice for you. Because it offers tons of promising features and benefits over most of the options out there.

8. Best For Battery & Motor: ECOTRIC 750w(48v) Electric Bike

The ECOTRIC introduces another splendid electric commute option with extra mileage and speed. It’ll be one of the best investments for daily commuting, adventure, and outdoor sports. There are lots of reasons to say it’s one of the best fat tire electric bicycles. Let’s get them thoroughly:

ECOTRIC 750w(48v) Electric Bike


We can write a thousand words about its battery. Here, this model packs an upgraded lithium ion battery with 48 volt(13 AH) power.  It has a high energy density that could easily cross your 20-25 miles(pure e-mode) of range. On the other hand, you’ll have 400-600 cycles of service in its entire life.

BMS(Battery Management System)

It comes along with the battery as an optional technology but carries lots of crucial protection features. The protections include overcharge, over-voltage, short circuit, overheat, and many more.


A motor works as one of the main driving forces of an ebike. So, this ECOTRIC fat tire bicycle is to offer a high-speed brushless motor. Here, you have TWO(2) motor options 500 and 750 watt accordingly along with SHIMANO-7 speed gear. These motors can reach up to 22 to 25 miles per hour. Plus, it produces less sound and responsive acceleration.

Fat Tires

Another powerful fact of this ebike is its 4 inch ultra-wide tires. They can adapt to snow roads, sand roads, and gravel ground with these heavy duty and efficient tires. The inner tubes and outer layers are perfectly made from a reputed rubber producer company. You’ll notice its unique pattern that is very helpful when climbing a steep mountain.


This model doesn’t offer any suspension but don’t lose hope you’ll find mechanical disk brakes to control the pace and wheels. You need to use brakes in different situations, taking turns, slowing down, and stopping pace.

Others Feature

  • The ergonomic cushion seat delivers a comfortable ride and smooth journey with height adjustability.
  • Extremely sturdy aluminum alloy frame makes it more robust and durable for long time use. It’s a lightweight airplane alloy but yet lasts longer.
  • Hassle free installation process with almost 90% of pre-assembled condition.

Is this e-bike foldable and portable.

You’ll be surprised while traveling with it. Ask us why? The reasons would be its foldability and portability. The upper tube, handlebar, and pedals are foldable into a convenient shape. The size is only height 33.64, withd 24.4, and length 38.58 after folding.

Is the battery waterproof?

Sorry. No, the battery doesn’t come with waterproof technology. However, it has a splash resistant cover to protect the charging port from outer threats like water splashes. Remember, you can’t have the facility to submerge the battery.

Does it have cruise control?

Yes, it has. Another name of “cruise control” is the pedal-assistance mode. You’ll enjoy any working mode with the same speed no matter what the working mode is. Even in the throttle option.

Why Should You Buy?

You should buy the ECOTRIC fat tire bike because of its 750w motor and 48v powerful battery backup. Although, it has tons of features and benefits over motor and battery.

9. Best For Aesthetics: Eahora X5 Folding Fat Tire Electric Bike

Do you want an extremely powerful and efficient ultimate commuting option? This Eahora electric bike is here to hit the city area to mountain roads regardless. It also offers plenty of integrated features and safety mechanisms to make your trip safer. Here, we’re going to look through the main features.

Eahora X5 Folding Fat Tire Electric Bike

Aesthetic & Foldable Design

The Eahora X5 folding e-bike is made from a premium quality material, especially the foldable frame, brake, gear, display throttle, suspension, etc. The modern and aesthetic design will make you feel very joyful while riding. Besides, the foldable design helps you carry a storage facility anywhere.

Heavy-Duty Tires

Fat tire is one of main features of an electric bike. This is why it also supplies heavy duty fat tires that are more powerful than other manufacturers. These are all-terrain tires to explore effortlessly. You’ll get a CST 20 inch wheel with 4.0 ultra wide tires and tubes. In addition, they’re puncture and slip resistant.

Climbing Force(Motor)

It’s powerful and quiet. This Eahora X5 fat tire bike packs a 750 watt powerful and high-speed motor engine. So, it’s pretty easy to climb even any steep hill with this much force, power, and acceleration. When it’s about the speed, it then produces 20-25 mph in  speed in our testing and experience. Although, they claim to reach 24-28 Mph.


After the motor, the battery plays a vital role to run an ebike. Therefore, Eahora matches a 48(14Ah) ultra durable battery to cover maximum distance. We found around 32-36 miles of coverage in full electric mode. It’s quite possible to go over 70 miles using PAS mode.

Multiple Working Modes

The intelligent cruise control lets you define multiple riding modes depending on needs and terrains. To activate the cruise control, all you need to do is keep on e-mode for 8 seconds then release the finger. That’s it.

Others Feature

  • It equips an all-terrain suspension fork to explore different kinds of land.
  • You’ve a twist throttle and gear switching options that make you comfortable and save energy.

What types of brakes does it offer?

The brake technology it uses is a dual mechanical disc system to gain powerful, reliable, and progressive braking in any ground. It‘ll help you to climb steep hills with minimum effort.

Does this Eahora bike feature integrated LED?

Yes, it features. This Eahora e bike comes with a built-in smart LED display that provides several functions and advantages. The functions include working level, remaining battery bar, speed, explored area, etc. Operating this display is a piece of cake for you. It’s simple to use.

Why Should You Buy?

This Eahora fat tire e-bike is a combination of aesthetic look, powerful engine, and safety system to make your every journey memorable. It’s also an ideal choice for regular commuters and outdoor activist.

Final Words

E-bike keep a positive impact in our lives in many ways. You can use one for commuting, exercising, or while making an adventure far away. Many experts stated that it’ll replace the next generation transport system from fuel driven into a green energy revolution.

However, we’ve reviewed the best products that you can reply to, although it would be a bit difficult to say which one is the best. We found these ebikes are better than others from our list. Let’s have a closer look and decide yours.

First, this is our Best Pick which is Overall Best: the ECOTRIC Fat Tire Electric Folding Bike. It offers overall function, features, and benefits. We chose the Heybike Mars Folding Electric Bike that is best for covering a long distance as the 2nd choice. As the 3rd choice we’ve the Rattan Folding Electric Bike that is suitable for regular commuting.