Are Citizen Bikes Good?

You may find a fabulous bike but that’s not like the distinct models of Citizen bikes and a bunch of features over a decade. You’ll also find extra comfort and an impressive riding experience for cyclists from your home to another destination. We’ll provide you with hundreds of answers before somebody asks, are citizen bikes good, unique, and trendy?

Besides, you’ll also know why these bikes are good transportation for your daily commute to make your tasks easier. So, if you’re thinking of getting a bicycle then don’t miss the beginning to the end of this article. You’ll have a lot of fun I must say.

We also tried to cover other relevant topics too for your knowledge and convenience. Let’s get to the point.

History of Citizen Bikes

In 2005, the company was formed by Mr. Pack. Later, it became one of the top bike and accessories manufacturers in this industry. The reason behind this raised popularity is because of excellent user experience, affordability, and convenience. These bikes are also popular among demanding and casual users as well.

However, Citizen offers folding and electric bikes that come with stylish looks, minimal architecture, unique modern design, and elegant colors. Besides that, they also feature robust materials and a smooth finish to go with all kinds of riders.

Are Citizen Bikes Good? – Why Choose Citizen Bikes Regular Bikes?

Yes, they’re convenient for daily use and adjustable from different angles like saddle and handlebar. Besides, the bikes are built from high quality and durable materials to make them perfect for riding on almost any terrain. On the top, they’ll give you an additional riding experience for every aged person.

Are Citizen Bikes Good

The Citizen bike comes with 99% of assembly condition so, you’ve nothing to worry about. You don’t need to find an expert or do DIY tasks. All the accessories are pre-installed with love and care by the manufacturer. All you’ve to unpack, unfold and hit the street as soon as possible.

Benefits Of Riding Citizen Bikes [Including e-Folding Bike]

You’ll have lots of benefits and better service when you’re getting Citizen products in today’s market. The manufacturer also offers incredible features one after another along with impressive options and finish. They don’t only have a reliable market value but also have several benefits too.

Benefits Of Riding Citizen Bikes

Here are the benefits of citizen bike:

1. Minimalist Design

The minimal and sleek design is the best thing that our team likes most. You’ll find a foldable and compact shape that will be pretty easy to store anywhere like a suitcase under your bed or inside your car compartment.

2. Affordability

Though, the citizen adopts top-notch built materials, especially while designing the folding bikes. Don’t fret! There is good news for you that they come at an affordable and reasonable price. And still, you don’t have to compromise the built quality and performance.

3. Smooth and Durable Finish

One of the most important reasons to recommend them is their robust and sturdy finish quality over the body. It ensures the maximum lifespan and rust-proof condition in almost any season. Expecting a long life service is right now from their heavy-duty bikes.

4. Multiple Speed(Gears)

The speeds are amazing and awesome. Most of our team members appreciate the multiple gear system they use. Now, you’ve no fear of riding the bike at different speeds depending on the terrain. It makes you feel more comfortable as you’ve got the freedom to choose your limit when to push and pull.

5. Upgraded Tires Technology

The Muffin® is the latest cutting-edge airless tire technology to eliminate the fear of flats again. These muffin tires will take your riding experience to the next level and provide freedom on rough terrain. Besides, the tires are puncture proof and lightweight too no matter where you’re cycling on.

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Can I Modify My Citizen Folding Bike?

Yes. Of course, you can. But before any changes, don’t forget to consult with an expert or read the user manual very carefully. It’s advised to start modification without having prior experience. Besides, we also recommend replacing the original fork with a lighter one as they tend to be damaged frequently.

Product The Citizen Bikes Offerings

The Citizen company manufactures both the standard foldable bike and electric folding bike with different price ranges. Most of them are folding model. The price tags are given keeping in mind the affordability and budget. Mainly, they offer FOUR(4) product series including the Citizen electric foldable bike mobility version.

The products they offer are Electric mobility, Value, Alloy, Deluxe series.

1. Electric mobility

The Citizen presents the personal and portable electric bike with to name including LIL-LONDON and LONDON. The LIL-LONDON runs a 250w motor, 16-inch wheel, 1-speed, and with lightweight 33 pounds weight. And the LONDON one features a 350w motor, 20-inch tire, Shimano-7 speed with 39 pounds.

2. Value Series

VALUE models are comparatively affordable labeled as MIAMI and TOKYO with stainless steel frame materials.  These bikes are a bit heavy and designed for RVers, pop-up campers, and casual cyclists at incredible prices.

3. Alloy Series

The Alloy series are labeled as ‘SEOUL’ with a mid-tier price range. They’re lightweight, alloy sturdy frame, and foldable structure too. The reason behind the lightweight alloy metal for everyday commuting.

4. Deluxe Series

This is the Deluxe series of the Citizen and mostly known as BARCELONA that would cost around $700 USD. You’ll find an alloy frame, 20-inch tire, 3 speed, and 31 pounds.  The main difference between the Deluxe and Alloy is the curved frame. On the top, it runs an advanced hub technology, upgraded speed-gear system,  comfortable steering grip, and other premium functions.

Accessories Citizen Bikes Manufacturer Offer

You can order different bike accessories from the Citizen. From them, helmet, carrying bag, lock, mobile phone holder, and Airless Muffin tires. Remember, you can have Muffin tires if you’re ordering a bike with this tire technology.


So, that’s all for now about the goodness of Citizen bikes. We briefly discussed the history, the models and series, benefits, and the basic characteristics of the bikes. After the discussion, it’s clear that they’re good enough in terms of foldability, weight, durability, quality materials, and other related functions. On the top, they’re affordable as well.

We hope you got the answer to decide are citizen bikes good or bad. If you’ve any more questions please visit their website. For more additional knowledge you can browse the internet, blogs, forums, and journals.