About Us

Who We Are?

BikeGlossary is the most reliable and definitive place to learn many things about electric bikes. Many researchers, analysts, technical experts are team-working together for the BikeGlossary. Every team member is highly qualified and expert on the electrical and mechanical goods industry. So, they’re doing their best to ensure you get the right bikes depending on different criteria.

Time is money! So we’re also working to save your time and effort. The main goal and aim of the BikeGlossary is to get you the right products without wasting time, money, and hope. However, now you’re here you have nothing to worry about searching for a product here and there.

We’ll do that research for you to get a proper electric bike including fat tires, folding, and BMX bikes. You’ll get a proper process and guideline that will help you while buying an e-bike.

What We Do Here

Here, we research and find out a complete guideline and suggestion so you can make a decision while purchasing an electric bike. Before making a guide and listing a product or brand we thoroughly research it including the top features and benefits. We then compare and cross check the features’ performance with real customer feedback and review.

This product research helps to present real information to you beyond what manufacturers said about their products. The BikeGlossary team takes 30 to 40 hours of research time sometimes to complete an electric bicycle review guideline.

How We Make the Best Product Reviews?

We go through a series of steps or processes to make the best electric bike reviews. Here they are:

Market Research

We provide the effort to find the best and popular product and brands that are top selling electric bikes around the world. This process takes a while.

Core Features

Before we select an ebike, our team defines the key features and their impact to solve your current problem. If the features don’t fulfill your needs we move on to other similar alternatives. And analyze the features aganin, we then select the product.

Review Analysis

We also analyze different buyer reviews with an in-depth study before adding every product to our list. It helps to gain lots of information and real user experience of that bike along with the important suggestions and warnings.


Usually, our review takes into account the ranking factor including quality, features, durability, safety, and price of a bike. The criteria helps us to prioritize them accordingly.

Review Writing

At last, after maintaining all the requirements and process, our team writes the review on this Bike Glossary website. Then, we include every single detail about that bike. During the writing time, we double check if no features are missing in the description. Thus, it helps you to make a good decision when purchasing yours.

Any More Questions So Far?

If still you’ve any questions in mind about Bike Glossary, please feel free to contact us. We value and appreciate any kind of feedback, suggestion, and advice from you. Thanks and regards.